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The Morning Stake: April 12th

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Moving On Up. Both D1Baseball and Baseball America moved Texas Tech up in their rankings, Texas Tech is up to #14 by D1Baseball and Baseball America has Texas Tech at #15. Baseball America had this bit about Texas Tech in their notes post:

Texas Tech: After splitting a pair of midweek games at Florida State, Texas Tech (24-9) continued on the road to Oklahoma State, where the Red Raiders swept the then-No. 16 Cowboys. It was Texas Tech’s first ever sweep of a road series against a ranked Big 12 Conference opponent.


Best in the Big 12. ESPN’s Jake Trotter writes about QB Patrick Mahomes and how he wants to win a Big 12 championship for Texas Tech, stats be damned. It’s a wide-ranging article, from Mahomes playing playground football to what he’s working on now.

Looking Good.

Thoughts on Satellite Camps. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ban on satellite camps and as a lot of you have mentioned, the problem is that it takes away opportunities from kids being seen by coaches, but I really liked the thoughts by Blatant Homerism’s Allen Kinney who writes that with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh upping the ante, it essentially becomes an arms race:

Consider what could happen if the growth of satellite camps continued unfettered. Once Harbaugh, Urban Meyer and other high-profile coaches started fanning out for camps in greater numbers across the United States, the pressure for all programs to respond in kind would ratchet up significantly, especially once the SEC got rid of its non-aggression pact.

Now imagine Gus Malzahn trying to explain at a booster luncheon why he and his coaching staff aren’t working as hard on the recruiting trail as Nick Saban’s crew in Tuscaloosa. And how would you like to be an athletic director listening to your head coach bitch about how he needs more resources for camps thousands of miles away from your school?

I think that’s where I’m at with this thing, which is that I certainly see the utility for players, but at some point, these camps would just favor those programs that have the most stuff, they’ll have the highest profile camps and there will be everyone else. Of course, these thoughts are totally selfish because I don’t think that Texas Tech can really keep pace in a big-time arms race, most schools can’t. Plus, I think that if we’re looking down the road at what courts might criticize college football for being more like a business than an education, satellite camps would be a pretty good bullet point for “acting like a business”.

Miscellaneous. I’m only linking this because rindworld emailed me the link, but via CollegeSpun, they are predicting that Texas Tech makes it to the Pac 12 eventually . . . DMN’s Mike DuPont has a look at the defensive line . . .


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