5 Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 55, Kansas 19

Five post game thoughts on a dominating win over Kansas, but at a cost.

  1. That injury to Patrick Mahomes looked really bad, landing on that right shoulder looked like it hurt like heck and I think we all know that Mahomes is a tough son of a gun and will play through just about anything.
  2. I don’t know if the defense turned a corner, but they were the better of the two units, maybe the more consistent of the two units for the better part of the game. It’s tough giving the defense much, if any credit, but there was a point in the third quarter where it was 4th and 1 and I think had Mahomes been in there, Kingsbury goes for it. But tonight, Kingsbury trusted his defense and he was rewarded.
  3. Nik Shimonek was stellar in his time at quarterback. I had no expectations and was prepared for the worst, but son of a gun, he looked calm, collected and I can guarantee you this . . . Kliff Kingsbury should always been the highest paid offensive coordinator / head coach for all of time because there may not be anyone better that can call an offense and groom quarterbacks. He’s never made an excuse for injuries.
  4. So, Jonathan Giles is pretty good and I think Texas Tech should try to clone him in some way. It’s probably against the law, but let’s look into this.
  5. Pretty sure that Texas Tech had 243 penalties for 5,741 yards. Oh, and the special teams was a disaster. I can’t remember a worse special teams performance.

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