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The Morning Stake: October 8th

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original-double-t USports’ Jon Rothstein lists 20 impact transfers and Anthony Livingston is one of those for Texas Tech:

Anthony Livingston, Texas Tech: The top graduate transfer available this past spring, Livingston has a chance to be one of the best newcomers in the Big 12. A 6-8, 230 pound power forward with seasoning, Livingston averaged 15.5 points and 9.4 rebounds last year at Arkansas State.


original-double-t Just a quick note, I scheduled four game threads rather than three, one to open at 5:00 pm (I always post one an hour before kickoff), then another at 7:00 pm, another for 8:00 pm and then another for 9:00 pm.

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams writes about how fearless Nic Shimonek is ready to quarterback Texas Tech:

“As the second guy, you’ve got to prepare like the first,” Shimonek said recently, before Mahomes got hurt. “Quarterback, center, whatever it may be, you’ve got to prepare like you’re the starter. So come in every day ready to go.”

This challenge couldn’t be much stiffer: on the road, against a famously well-coached team that, at least early on, has the best scoring defense in the Big 12.

But Shimonek sure didn’t look scared last week, and that’s what Kingsbury likes about him.

“The number-one thing is his fearlessness,” Kingsbury said. “He was out there laughing and joking from the first pass on. Everything I’ve seen him do in practice, it translated straight to the game — his reads, the velocity he throws with. He stepped into his throws.”

original-double-tLAJ’s Nicholas Talbot has a Q&A with Kris Williams and well, yeah:

What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

“Most people are surprised that I like Coldplay. That is my favorite type of music, and when they look at me they don’t think I would like Coldplay, and coach (Kliff) Kingsbury always laughs at the fact that I love them.”

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . the Land Grant Gauntlet staff picks this week’s games against the spread . . . also from Land Graunt Gauntlet are the week 6 Big 12 power rankings and 10 burning questions for week 6 . . . LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot has a match-up article and picks Texas Tech to win . . . SI goes inside the first playoff mock session featuring a lot of Kirby Hocutt . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Cameron Jourdan previews the game between Texas Tech and Kansas State . . . Bring on the Cats’ TB kicks the tires on Texas Tech vs. K-State and Bring on the Cats’ Derek Smith looks at the history between the two teams . . .


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