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The Morning Stake: October 10th

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original-double-t The soccer team dropped both home games this weekend, something I can’t remember happening in a really long time. I’d guess that this is really tough on Tom Stone and makes you appreciate what he had with this team the past few years and how important


original-double-t Kansas is one of the top teams in the nation.


original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams writes about the special teams issues as well as the pick-6 as well as a notebook of things and wrote about how K-State changed the way they changed their pressure on Mahomes:

The combination of K-State’s four-man pass rush not getting any pressure and Mahomes shredding the Wildcats throughout the first half prompted KSU to try another approach. The game changed when the Wildcats started rushing five, six and, on at least one play, seven.

“They were calling some smart calls: Six man rushes on five-man boxes,” Tech guard Baylen Brown said. “They coached a good game, and we’ve just got to execute.

“When we had empty (backfield), no backs, they tried rushing six and we had five on six. We’ve got to get the ball off. That’s on us. Smart call by them.”

original-double-tLAJ’s Nicholas Talbot and their struggles on the road:

However. Kansas State’s defense, which came into the game ranked fourth in the country, held Tech to only three points for the first 29 minutes and 55 seconds of the second half.

During the 18-game streak of not hitting 50 points in road games, the Red Raiders rarely even threatened to. They scored no more than 35 points in 15 of the 18, including 30 or fewer nine times.

They broke those marks against Kansas State — barely.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . LAJ’s Michael LaBarre recaps how the 2017 and 2018 commits did this past week . . . ESPN’s Jake Trotter has this week’s bowl projections and Texas Tech is hanging ion by a thread . . .


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