5 Post Game Thoughts: Oklahoma State 45, Texas Tech 44

The ball moved and we all fall down.

1. Despite not putting up a ton of points, I thought that the Texas Tech offense was really back the way that it should have been the past three weeks. It was varied and beautiful, especially when Demarcus Felton was running the ball. That was an offense that clicked and was beautiful. Mahomes wasn’t perfect, especially early, but I thought he was vintage in the second quarter and beyond.

2. This is one of those games where I was completely expecting Texas Tech to be down by 10 points or so because Oklahoma State has been so good at home (excusing he Central Michigan game). They whipped up on West Virginia at home and I thought that Oklahoma State would come out with the same sort of gusto, but the defense and the offense fought and they never looked back. Heck, even the special teams had plays that contributed to the win . . . until the end of the game.

3. I feel so bad for Clayton Hatfield and I hate it for him and if i find out that any of you are tweeting him with terrible things, I’ll ban you on the spot. It was a terrible deal, it’s bad enough that he’s got to live with this. And even re-playing the kick, it looked as if Cameron Batson moved the ball a bit. Don’t hate on these kids.

4. The defense, despite losing one of the best defenders in Jordyn Brooks for most of the game, I thought that the defense did as good as they’ve done for most of the game, that they played okay. I know, that’s defeatism, especially when on the ledger is a 0:06 touchdown drive for Oklahoma State, but it wasn’t terrible.

5. We keep saying that at the very least, Texas Tech is competing and the way that Kingsbury was trying to coach up the defense at the end makes me think that Kingsbury definitely gives two shits. He didn’t just give up and it would have been really easy to do. And for those of you who ask about Kingsbury’s passion and his lack of it or whatever, there you go.


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