Let’s Talk About Stats: Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Baylor Bears

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr

A statistical look at the Baylor Bears and Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr

All stats provided by CFBStats and Football Study Hall.

Traditional Stats

traditional-stats-buEven without Art Briles, Baylor is still a very good football team. They haven’t been elite this year and you can probably think of a handful of reasons why they haven’t, but I’d imagine that Art drove the players very hard and they may be missing that this year. It’s still very good and the most impressive thing is the balance, again, in running the ball and passing the ball.

Not only that, but to be +1 in the turnover margin to Texas Tech’s -8 is probably why they’ve won 6 games and Texas Tech has only won 4. I’m a bit surprised that the third down efficiency isn’t there for Baylor as I would have expected a bit more from Baylor, but everything else is just fine. For Texas Tech, the offensive stats are really coming back down to earth a bit after the ISU game, there were some significant drops on the year.

Defensively, Baylor is very good, up until this recent trend, they weren’t giving up a huge amount of points, but that may be more to do with who they were playing than anything else. And for Texas Tech, they are giving up more yards per pass than Mahomes can throw for, more yards per play than the offense and that points per play for the defense is pretty terrible.

Advanced Stats

advanced-stats-buThe advanced Stats tell a similar story, Baylor isn’t elite on offense, but very good in just about every respect. They aren’t explosive like they used to be, it’s not terrible, but I seem to have a recollection of bigger plays for Baylor and the stats don’t play that out per se. The stats for Texas Tech offensively have very much dropped off, the explosiveness in passing and rushing is virtually non-existent, defenses are keeping everything in front of them and that’s killing the offense for the most part.

Defensively, Baylor is also very solid, I’ll love those figures for Baylor and they do exactly what Texas Tech doesn’t want them to do, which is that they limit explosive plays and they keep everything in front of them. Texas Tech is going to have to grind out yards and touchdowns against Baylor with long, sustained drives.

The Texas Tech defense keeps regressing each week, only 126th in S&P+, but that ranking has been falling each week and it’s only two spots from the very bottom. The very bottom.


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