Texas Tech Football Eligibility Chart: Defensive Line

How does the defensive tackle position stack up?

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Defensive Line

Here we go, this time, it’s the defensive line.  Just as a reminder, the black box is a year of eligibility remaining and the red box is if that player had a redshirt available.

Position Player 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Defensive Line Tony Jones SR (6-2/225)
Kolin Hill SR (6-2/245)
Aaron Calcote RS FR (6-0/210)
Jesse Brown SR (5-11/290)
Eli Howard SO (6-4/260)
Michael Mays SR (6-1/230)
Zachary Semrak RS FR (6-2/270)
Houston Miller SO (6-4/260)
Quentin Yontz SR (6-2/260)
Nelson Mbanasor RS FR (6-3/270)
Noah Jones SO (6-3/255)
Lonzell Gilmore JR (6-3/260)
Broderick Washington, Jr. JR (6-3/295)
Joseph Wallace SO (6-1/315)
Nick McCann SO (6-2/310)
Jaylon Hutchings FR (6-1/270)
TOTALS 16 11 9 4 0

Generally speaking, I think this is a group that’s in pretty good shape, despite the need to continue to recruit this position, I think for the next few years, this is a group that’s okay. The total number of available years for this position group is 2.5, which means again, that I think this is a group that’s a little bit top-heavy, but with guys that are not huge contributors. The biggest contributor is probably Kolin Hill at one of the defensive end spots. Other than Hill and the graduation of Thomas, I think we’ve got a pretty solid and relatively young group.

Eligibility Number (number of scholarship years available / number of players): 2.50

There are a couple of things that may happen.  We could see Lonzell Gilmore and Houston Miller receive a medical redshirt. They were hurt for a good part of the year, Miller it seemed like the entire year, and that could be really beneficial. I think we’ll see how some of these guys are developing this spring, guys like Noah Jones, McCann, Wallace, Mbanasor, and maybe Miller and Gilmore if they are healthy.

Oh, and there are names that I have completely forgotten about or didn’t realize were on the roster. Totally forgot that Jesse Brown is a TAMU transfer and could see some meaningful snaps next year after sitting out his transfer year.  Had not idea who Calcote was, but he’s a defensive end sort of player from Louisiana that’s obviously walking-on. I remember thinking about Semrak when he committed to be a preferred walk-on and he’s a decent player that can maybe contribute in a year depending on how he adds weight.


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