Come and Talk It

We Launched a Podcast! Come and Talk It

We’re pumped to finally share that we’ve launched a podcast – Come and Talk It. If you remember back to when a group of us contributors had a single Google Hangouts video/podcast several years ago, you witnessed the seeds of this project. I’ve been thinking about doing this basically since then but put it off for some reason or another. Well, I finally hit the point where I decided it was time to go forth and conquer.

Michael and I will be the regular hosts as we discuss Texas Tech athletics every week. The rest of the staff here have offered to chip in, so there will be plenty of familiar faces and voices to the show. Stick with us as we build this and get better every week to bring you yet more content for you Tech fans.

If you haven’t already, you can listen to our first episode here:

And if you would be so kind, go ahead and subscribe in your respective podcatchers: iTunes and Google Play Music (I think Google is still validating, but should be up soon). Also, leave us a review so we show up higher in the search results.

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