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The Morning Stake | 2018.02.12

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Fitsum’s Book. To catch everyone up, Fitsum is my son and he’s very unique (I mean that as a compliment). He’s been addicted to the Captain Underpants books and decided to write his own book called Captain Fitsum Pants and the Huge Plot of Mr. Commander Sir. He asked that I publish it to the people I know and he’s also handing out copies to everyone in his class (Yeah, I hole-punched and put together 21 of these sucker on Sunday). I asked him if he wanted to charge for it and he said, “No, I really just want people to enjoy it.” So, without further ado (and please keep in mind that he’s 7) here is Captain Fitsum Pants and the Huge Plot of Mr. Commander Sir.

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Mock Selection Committee. Yesterday, the Division I men’s basketball committee dropped their 16 teams as of right now and where they would be seeded and they had Texas Tech at #10 and a #3 seed overall in the East Region behind Villanova and Duke. CBS Analyst Clark Kellogg thought that we started 5 seniors, which was probably printed in some preseason magazine and Kellogg probably remembered that. This angered some fans and I can understand why, but here’s the deal. Most of these analysts have not watched Texas Tech. If I had to guess, there are only a few analysts that have probably really watched Texas Tech. Most folks haven’t. Texas Tech is not exciting in the traditional sense, they play great defense and that typically doesn’t sell (consider the last time you tuned in to watch Virginia, who is the best defensive team in the nation and has been that way for a few years).

It’s really nothing to get upset about. Texas Tech is going to have to earn everything and that’s okay, it’s part of the process. If I had to guess, I think that ESPN’s Fran Frascilla probably has a really good handle on Texas Tech, I’d add The Ringer’s Mark Titus, The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie, and Barstool Sports Reags, who even wrote about that #3 seed:

Texas Tech as a No. 3 makes little sense to me. I get the nonconference wasn’t great and really just got one great win at home against Nevada. But, the Red Raiders went 4-1 in quadrant 1/2 games in the nonconference and have 11 wins in those two quadrants right now. They also are currently leading the Big 12 – arguably the best conference in America. I would have them on the 2 line right now and it wouldn’t shock me if they move up as the season goes on, especially if they are able to sweet Kansas.

Oklahoma still sitting in the top-16 was surprising to me. I expected to see Gonzaga there, especially after the win at St. Mary’s last night or possibly West Virginia considering the wins the Mountaineers have (including a sweep of Oklahoma). I fully expect Oklahoma to be the most vulnerable team in the top-16 here that would fall out of the rankings if this ever becomes a weekly thing. The Sooners don’t have a bad loss but are just 8-8 in quadrant 1/2 games this year.

The reality is that Texas Tech is probably better than a #2 seed and Oklahoma probably isn’t a #4 seed right now. Don’t get upset, we’re 28 days from Selection Sunday.


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