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The Morning Stake | 2018.02.15

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Evans Named to Citizen Naismith Trophy Late Season Team.

Top 5.

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Trae Young Stuff. It’s amazing that we’re still talking about this, but Seth Greenberg made a dumb statement yesterday, saying that the eff-you stuff was racially motivated and harkened back to the Marcus Smart stuff, which had no radcial overtones other than someone going online and alleging it right after the game. Greenberg got his facts wrong and as our own Michael LaBarre aid, it was one row of students that did this near the basket, not the entire crowd, so it was a few jackwagon buddies that thought it would be funny and they should have been thrown out.

It’s really just turned into a mess and now, a competing Texas Tech blog, has a breakdown saying that the broadcast spent 7% of the broadcast talking about Young. Young is the point guard, takes most of the team’s shots, makes most of the teams assists and had the highest number of turnovers for the team so 7% doesn’t really seem all that out of line, but let’s keep digging up shit on Young. And if you watched the broadcast, you’ll know that Fran Frascilla , in my opinion, didn’t really talk about Young all that much and the one time that he focused on Young was where he listed 5 qualities of an NBA point guard, the first thing he rattled off was athleticism, which the play-by-play guy said that he had it and Frascilla was emphatic that Young was average athletically and that’s true. He is average athletically and that’s his biggest weakness, which is why he’s had issues as he’s moved forward in the Big 12. Kind of like our own Davide Moretti. Anyway, 7% doesn’t seem like all that much considering how much Young handles the ball, but let’s continue to make a really big deal about all of this.

Texas Tech’s Ceiling. If you are hanging on to hope that Zach Smith could still come back this year, FanRag Sports’ Jon Rothstein wrote this zbout Zach Smith:

Chris Beard told FanRag Sports last week that Smith is still a ways away from returning to action, but with a veteran team already in place, the 6-8, 220-pound senior would be a seamless addition if he can ever get back to a place where he can contribute. That means just being ready to play for the Big 12 Tournament and then the NCAA Tournament.

And Chris Level tweeted the following:

Did work on the bike and in the pool yesterday too. Don’t count out @SuperDuperZach just yet. No timetable on him at all but I wouldn’t rule anything out.


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