Texas Tech Football Notebook: Big 12 Media Days Round Up

A roundup of links and video from Texas Tech’s Big 12 Media Days.



  • This is always sort of a goofy day, not intended to be all that serious and most of the time I don’t think we really learn all that much as a result of the Big 12 Media Days. It’s for the media to get soundclips and photos and things like that, which is great.
  • I wrote in yesterday’s Quote Board that Kingsbury really didn’t want to change quarterbacks, but it might not be real easy to make a decision about the quarterbacks. We know it’s down to three, McLane Carter, Jett Duffey and Alan Bowman. We know that with there’s this thought that some people may feel that Bowman being mentioned is an indication of where this is headed, i.e. there’s a reason why Bowman is being mentioned. Personally, of the three from the spring, I was least impressed with Bowman, but there’s a lot that I don’t get to see. The things I didn’t like was Bowman’s arm strength, which I thought was just okay and he was mainly going against the third team defense when he did play. I couldn’t gauge how he would do against tougher competition. However, I only get to see two scrimmages.
  • It seemed that quite a bit of the focus was on Dakota Allen, and deservedly so. He’s a great story and one that I think we’ll all be championing this year.
  • I was a little disappointed with the online content from the official site. I was expecting more video and tweets and things like that. Maybe that will happen today, give it a day to process that video and then turn it around. I know those folks work hard, so it’s no disrespect.

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