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The Morning Stake | 2018.11.05

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Good morning everyone. I hope that we’re all good. I am always tired from the drive back, but I crammed too much into my Saturday, but you only live once.

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Rivals’ Eric Bossi writes about Jahmius Ramsey as he is set to make his decision in the next week or so between Louisville, Memphis, and Texas Tech, with Bossi believing that Ramsey will choose Texas Tech. Ramsey had this to say about Texas Tech:

Texas Tech: “They have been all out, doing whatever they can to try and get me. They say that it could be my team, my show and that I’ll have the ball in my hands. I could come in and play through mistakes without having to look over my shoulder or anything like that.”

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The following isn’t a non-transcript, just trying to jot down notes from yesterday’s media availability. The exchange between head coach Kliff Kingsbury and Don Williams was a bit headed and Kingsbury was obviously perturbed. Essentially Don was questioning if Alan Bowman was fully cleared and Kingsbury made it clear that he’s never had the call about the health of players, never have and never will. And there was never any indication to Kingsbury that the collapsed lung would reoccur. Don then said that these other people were asking the question, sort of trying to take blame off of himself for pushing the issue, but I mean, Don was the one asking and asking the questions, he should have just owned it. If you want to read A-J Media’s Carlos Silva, Jr. and the actual quotes (rather than me just somewhat jotting stuff down) please click there. Oh, and any typos or things that don’t make sense is my fault. I’m still a bit tired and behind.

Kliff Kingsbury: Still have to learn to finish games, and give great effort and find ways to finish games. Oklahoma’s offense is really good and their skill positions are really good. Reoccurrence of the partially collapsed lung and hope to get him out soon, saw him this morning. Less severe than the last time. Hopefully it should be a quicker recovery. Competed hard, could have started faster and on Kingsbury for not getting him plays, gave us a chance at the end. No information on Dakota Allen. Jacob Hines is done, a knee, nothing official, but that’s what we’re thinking. We’ll see, it’s an interesting injury in trying to determine the length because it is unique, had lots of opinions on that. He’ll play football again, just don’t know when. DaLeon Ward was nice to see, explosiveness was back. For David Beaty, he’ll catch on someone there. Doesn’t say who is behind Jett, but if McLane Carter can go, then it is him and then Colt Garrett. Bowman has played 4 games, but he got hit a lot, we didn’t think that would be much of a difference, we’re playing football. Kingsbury is a little perturbed about Don asking if the call about Bowman being fully healthy was his call and Kingsbury makes it very clear that he’s never had the final call with health issued, he never have and never will, and Bowman was fully recovered. There was never a discussion about if Bowman’s injury could reoccur. Vaughnte Dorsey had huge momentum changes, had some big hits, he was very competitive and brought life to the defense. Made some adjustments against the run, Riko settled in with the second half, and slow them down to give them a chance, we floundered on offense.

Vaughnte Dorsey, very emotional about the game and the football gods smiled on me, made sure not to make any stupid penalties after the targeting. I got too many penalties by being overly aggressive, it is just my gave, and doesn’t know how to change it. There’s a lot to clean up, communicated better. On targeting, some things are obvious, but on the field, everything is bang-bang. As a player, just need to cope. Has a lot of respect for Dakota, he mans a lot to him. Riko did a great job and they are roommates and spend a lot of time together. He played his spot well. Smart play is better play, we could have played better. We played real hard, sometimes we just have to be smarter. On the first interception, he bluffed with the blitz. Love the energy of the night game, challenge this week is to be smarter. Texas is a big game, takes a lot of pride playing against them and for Texas Tech. Mother drove 13 hours to be at the game, really wanted to win for her. Got there around 3 and got to see the tailgates, she was alone. She drove straight through, from Cleveland, Mississippi, went back on Sunday, had to go to work.

Jack Anderson: Need to get back in the win column. Need to finish, trying to get both facets of the game going. We’re confident in any guy behind us. Fun atmosphere, glad the students came out, it was fun. Played good at times, have been consistent and cut down on missed assignments. Very confident in the 8 or 9 guys we have, will plug in whoever they need to and we all get a lot of reps. Coach Jones will have everyone prepared.

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