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The Morning Stake | 2018.11.08

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I’ve been a bit absent recently. Missing a day of work feels like missing a week (it’s ridiculous I feel that way, but I do) and I’ve seemingly caught a cold, so I’m not moving as fast as normal. Two more days and Saturday is here.

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Texas Tech released a statement yesterday saying that Texas Tech quarterback Alan Bowman was released from the hospital and will rejoin team activities. I hope that no one is harboring any thoughts that Bowman will play this week because that simply won’t happen (I don’t think). Total speculation on my part of course, but this is the second time he’s spent four days in the hospital and it doesn’t seem reasonable that he would be ready for Saturday’s game against Texas.

If you read anything today, please partake in ESPN’s Sam Khan, Jr’s piece on the night there were three field stormings, ten years ago, Harrell to Crabtree. This is done in the form of quotes from different people, from Texas’ side (Mack Brown, Fozzy Whittaker, Blake Gideon, Greg Davis, Major Applewhite) and Texas Tech’s side (Mike Leach, Graham Harrell, Eric Morris, Jamar Wall, Daniel Charbonnet, Rylan Reed, Michael Crabtree, and Lincoln Riley).

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