Weekly Conversation: Texas vs. Texas Tech

Going back to Lubbock.

Last Week’s Game

Seth: Dang it. So close, yet so far. it seems like this team is just snakebit to a certain extent. Get Bowman back, and then lose him to the same injury yet again. I can say that it was a fun game. Youssouf had a really good time and did the orange justice (it’s a Fortnight thing) about a million times, while Fitsum was reading comics for the opening kickoff. Both were totally happy. What was your take on the game?

Travis: I hate that Bowman got hurt and our chances of winning went out the window when he wasn’t able to come out after halftime. But, man, they fought hard to stay in the game and overcame a few bad calls and several bad breaks. I know everyone is mad again, but I really feel like we were two or three plays from winning. And I know how contradictory that sounds from my first paragraph, but that’s pretty much where I am.

Suburban Gangsters

Travis: So I want to cede my Suburban Gangster time so you can tell us all about the trip to Lubbock. How was it? What did the boys think?

Seth: It was a ton of fun. The boys really enjoyed themselves. We arrive at our VRBO house at 45th and University a little before 5:00 p.m. and I called the fufu lady and had to leave some messages, but she eventually called me back and said that the fufu wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow during lunch. So, we eventually go out for some Mexican food and by the time we get back, I get the kids cleaned up and showered and I’m pretty much exhausted (and the kids were too) and we go to bed around 10:00 or so. Right before we go to bed, Fitsum asks me to tell him a bedtime story. He’s never asked me to tell him a story before, so I tell him the story of Indiana Jones, essentially re-telling the first movie. They’ve got no idea how bad I butchered that movie, but that’s fine.

I wake up early, like around 4:30 or 5:00 and surf the internet before anyone gets up, consider writing a Morning Stake, but decide to pass and just relax. I hit the road to go run around 6:15 and by the time it’s all said and done, I run a shade under 11 miles. I run from 4th to campus and literally just run all over the campus. I have no plan and it was a bit cold, around 40 degrees, but I’m feeling pretty good. I eventually get back to the house, shower and go get coffee at J&B Coffee. I ran past it on my way back and at that time it sounded great and the Americano was delicious.

I should have grabbed some breakfast, but didn’t and so by the time that we’re all figuring out lunch, and we had decided to go pick up BBQ from Evie Mae’s. So I go to pick up the fufu from the fufu-lady (she lives north of town, so it’s about 20 minutes away) at noon and then we get home around 12:40 and I’m absolutely ready to eat. I had gotten a fufu for Youssouf for himself and then another one to share. Fufu is white, it’s sorta like rice in that it doesn’t have a distinct flavor, but it somewhat has the consistency of something like cream-o-wheat, but much more fine. I hope that makes sense. There was a stew that went along with it, but I did not like the stew. The fufu was great, but the stew was flavors that my mouth just isn’t ready for. I had the same experience when eating Ethiopian food, my palate just doesn’t enjoy those flavors. But Yoyo is in heaven and he’s loving it. He has BBQ and fufu and that may be the first time those two things have been combined.

We hang out and eventually go to the game to tailgate, but the wind is absolutely whipping and there are pop-up storms headed our way. The kids are fine, but it’s getting cooler as the sun starts to set. We were going to cook, but that didn’t work out and so we had an invite at the new BA for more BBQ, so we hit that up and that absolutely saved my kids from being starving at the game.

At kickoff, this happened.

And this happened.

Yoyo did the Orange Justice more times than I can count. I nervously watched the game trying to take it all in, while making sure Fitsum was entertained. Really though, I’m not going to make him like something just because I like something. That never works out in the end, whatever they want, I just want them both to be happy.

The Best Thing Ever

Seth: It’s always good to be back to Lubbock and I really can’t tell you how much I enjoyed running all over campus. It was dark as hell, and you still can appreciate how big and nice the campus is. Hopefully this can suffice for our best thing ever for this week.

Travis: Heck yes, that’s my favorite thing too. It’s funny because in the past going back to Lubbock was sorta routine. But now that we get to go less frequently it’s taken on more of a special occasion kind of feel. And we never get a chance to stay for very long so we wind up cramming in as much as we can in 30 hours or so. It’s a whirlwind.

Random Top Five

Seth: Top 5 football uniform combinations (can’t pick throwbacks, which is tough for me because they’d make my top five easy).

1. Black helmet, black jersey, black pants.
2. Black helmet, white jersey, black pants.
3. White helmet, red jersey, white pants.
4. Red helmet, red jersey, black pants.
5. Black helmet, black jersey, gray pants.


1. Red helmet, red jersey, red pants
2. All black
3. Red helmet, black jersey, black pants
4. Black helmet, red on red
5. Black helmet, white on white

This Week’s Game

Travis: As for the game, I see another struggle. I’m hoping it can play out similar to the TCU game in that Jett can get a few big plays but for the most part control the ball and limit negative plays and turnovers. I think the punter can be a major factor in the game so I’m hoping he can drop some more bombs (oh my God did I just type that). Let’s see if the defense and the crowd can rattle UT and give us a shot at the end.

Seth: I think the UT defense is struggling a bit and I think we’ll put some points on the board, but the Longhorns’ offense is better than you might think, especially with Ehlinger at the helm.

Game Predictions

Travis: Let’s go with 17-14 Texas Tech.

Seth: I think Texas Tech wins, but it’s a pick’em for me, something like 35-34.

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