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The Morning Stake | 2019.06.28

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First Weekend Without Texas Tech Sports. This is the first weekend since September (or maybe August) that there hasn’t been any Texas Tech sports to follow or watch. Thanks to your basketball and baseball teams there hasn’t been a break from sports in basically 9 or 10 months and that’s pretty amazing. I mentioned the other day in a comment that the older I get, the more it is about the journey rather than the destination for sports and that still stands as a pretty good way for me to view these things. There have been so many more good days that bad days and although basketball and baseball came up short, some pretty amazing runs.

Texas Tech Volleyball

Preseason Poll. The Big 12 announced the preseason volleyball poll and your Red Raiders were picked 8th overall:

1. Texas
2. Baylor
3. TCU
4. Iowa State
5. Kansas State
6. Oklahoma
7. Kansas
8. Texas Tech
9. West Virginia

Something that I just noticed . . . Oklahoma State doesn’t have a women’s volleyball team? How is it that I’ve been doing this for maybe a decade and I’ve never noticed that before. The more you know!

Texas Tech Soccer

Texas Tech Tennis

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Baseball

Texas Tech Basketball

Life Coach. I want Coach John Reilly to be my life coach. “Toughness is consistency. Toughness is a guy that never gives up. Every day brings it. That’s toughness. That’s the secret in the dirt.” If there was ever a true statement for a college athlete going from good to great, it is consistency. Having the mental toughness to not ever take a play or possession off is the stuff of champions.

Texas Tech Football

Ladies Camp.

Connelly to ESPN. Long-time SB Nation college football writer Bill Connelly has moved to ESPN to write about the pigskin and his first effort are the team that have a chance to win a national title. Bill will never read this, but congrats to him, this is a significant move for a guy that just started blogging and now writes for ESPN. Pretty incredible.


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