Let’s Discuss Revenue and Expenses for Big 12 Programs

It’s exciting!

Ready for some cooked numbers? Ha, ha, ha. Joking of course. I’m sure all of these figures are tots legitimate.

KCEN compiled the most recent reports that are required as part of the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis that is turned into the U.S. Department of Education. I should say that every institution figures out their own way to make these figures work and it is the one time that we get financial data from Baylor and TCU.

I should mention that this information was typed up by me, so there are bound to be errors (it’s like 210 really long numbers and I was doing this quickly). I pulled all of the information from the link above, but the way that they displayed the information didn’t make it easily comparable between institutions. Also, aesthetically, I wanted to embed a spreadsheet, but it was too wide and so you get the screenshot of the spreadsheet and you can click the image for a full size or you can click here to embiggen.


  • Football pretty much fuels every athletic program except for West Virginia where the income and expenses are within $2 million or so of each other. That’s crazy and seemingly unbelievable that they only have income of $24 million. Again, these books are compiled in different ways and West Virginia made their income in “Other Men’s Sports Revenue” and “Other Women’s Sports Revenue”.
  • About every men’s basketball program is above $10 million in revenue, again except for West Virginia who loses money in basketball. Texas Tech pretty much spends every penny that they make and I’m totally fine with that. I should also mention that Iowa State of all programs loses money in men’s basketball.
  • Please note how convenient it is for Baylor to make as much as they spend in men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and just about everywhere else.
  • I’m shocked how much that TCU spends on women’s basketball and the revenue they receive. Aside from Baylor, they earn $6 million in women’s basketball revenue? Also slightly surprise at West Virginia’s spending and revenue for women’s basketball.
  • I’m also surprised that TCU was able to show a near $15 million more in football revenue than Texas Tech. The capacity for the stadiums is 45,000 for TCU and 60,000 for Texas Tech, so I’d be interested where they account for that additional income. We’ll never know, because I think that this is the bare minimum that institutions have to do and as a private university, this is all we’ll get.
  • Also surprised how Oklahoma and Iowa State are so close to breaking even, while TCU, Baylor, and West Virginia all break even to the penny.

Would love your thoughts and if I have any errors, I’ll have to fix them, and then re-publish the screenshot (yes, that’s a real pain in the rear, but it is what it is).


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