Texas Tech Football Notebook: Head Coach Matt Wells Preseason Press Conference

It’s a notebook.

Head coach Matt Wells had a 47 minute press conference yesterday and he’s excited and I’m excited too. Wells really opens up by talking about the team, how they have adjusted during the pandemic, how they have planned, to split the locker rooms, wear masks during meetings, sanitize, etc.

I think that’s a good thing, that they really talk about a plan, when players possibly get COVID, how they will react.

I appreciate a coach that is doing his best to have a season. I think that’s maybe the sign of a staff that are united. They maybe haven’t spent their time idle, but spending their time thinking of problems and how those problems will be worked through rather than be surprises.

I know I’m getting my hopes up, but I’m okay with that and I’m also okay with whatever happens at this point.

I’ll be honest. I was/am pretty tapped out after the Marlene Stollings news and really didn’t feel like writing. I was sort of done for a day.

The Wells press conference sort of got me through that a bit. I’m excited. I’ll do what I always do, summarize a bit, and link to some things that summarize, but sit back and enjoy the presser.

  • Receiver Myller Royals, offensive lineman Hakeem White, and defensive lineman John Scott are no longer on the team. Royals is not on the team because he did not meet expectations of a Texas Tech student-athlete, while White an Scott retired for medical reasons.
  • Tight end Simon Gonzalez is no longer suspended and is with the team, which is good news.
  • Receiver Caden Leggett is on the team after his arrest for road racing.
  • Wells talked about a bunch of players, almost too many to keep up.
  • KeSean Carter will start at inside receiver while Seth Collins will return on the outside. Wells praised both of them as well as McLane Mannix who Wells said reworked his body and said competition at the H-receiver would be fierce.
  • Wells introduced all of the newest transfers, offensive lineman Josh Burger from Wofford, said that he would work at either tackle. Wells said that safety Eric Monroe entered the building and Texas Tech immediately got better. Chadarius Townsend will be at running back.
  • JUCO tight end Jason Lloyd arrives and Wells also talks about the defensive backs, said that Cam White is a big dude and presume he will be at safety, while Cameron Watts also gets into campus.
  • Wells has said previously that if the season started today that Alan Bowman would take that first snap, but Wells has said that all spring and summer. Wells has also said that Bowman will have to earn that spot and there is obviously competition so for those of you that want to be upset at what Wells said, just remember, the door is completely open for a competition and Bowman has just earned the right to take the first snap at practice today
  • I think Wells said that there are 50 returning lettermen and 40 newcomers, between incoming freshmen, JUCO transfers, regular transfers, and walk-ons.
  • Wells said numerous times that he thinks this football team is better. I’m encouraged by that.

If you’d like to read another summary: Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams and Dallas Morning News’ Chuck Carlton.

You want to do me one more favor? Tell me something good that’s happened to you recently. It can be a really big deal or a really small deal, but I’d love to hear some good news. Let’s do some good news today. I’ll start. On Wednesday I ran my fastest mile that I can ever recall, 7:20. I’m pretty sure I can run faster, I had a bit left in the tank, but it felt really good to run fast for a middle-aged to old man. Well, that’s very fast to me. I’m sure some of you can run faster, but to keep getting better was/is good news.


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