Weekend Open Thread

I’m going to have another busy weekend personally but there’s a lot happening, so let’s get an weekend open thread.

  • I’m embedding Kirby Hocutt’s press conference from yesterday. I haven’t watched it, but from some of the reaction, Hocutt didn’t come off great, but maybe he just didn’t have the answers. As a person who has people below me, I trust that they are doing their jobs. When they don’t do their jobs, I look bad (i.e. let’s say that I miss a filing date or something like that) because ultimately it is my responsibility. Again, I’m trusting them and that’s part of their job description. Associate athletic director Judi Henry was removed from her position over the women’s basketball team and if I had go guess, Hocutt was trusting that Henry was reviewing those reports and this wasn’t happening. Hocutt said that a meeting was supposed to happen on August 5th, the day the story was released (very coincidental, but would seemingly be easy to find out if it was true), with Stollings and the players. This isn’t excuse making on my part. When my assistants mess up, I have to take the blame and I have had to do that in front of a judge before. I also don’t get to say, “Well, my legal assistant was supposed to do that, but she didn’t get it done.” Judges don’t give one care about that. I think that’s what happened here. Hocutt may need more oversight on programs and may be want to trust people less because of how this press conference made him look. The other idea here is that he truly is at fault. I don’t really know the inner-workings of how an athletic department is run.
  • The soccer team was picked to finish 1st in the preseason Big 12 poll. Additionally, GK Madison White and F Kirsten Davis were picked on the preseason All-Big 12 team.
  • Football practice started yesterday, so that’s some good news.
  • Speaking of good news, I really enjoyed reading everyone’s good news in yesterday’s football post. It made my day for sure and we’ll have to do that more often.


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