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The Morning Stake | 2020.08.14 + Good News Friday

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I’m still shook at the passing of Tommy McVay. There are people who you think will never leave and he was one of them for me. He was always there. Texas Tech has established a scholarship in McVay’s name.

Texas Tech announced their football attendance details, including capacity of up to 25% of fans, fans wearing masks, social distancing, etc. I would imagine that this 25% capacity would be subject to change if we can get our asses in gear and get some numbers down.

The fans who get to enter at 25% is something that I won’t even wrap my head around. I’m guessing that those that are big-time donors will get the first crack. I will also understand that fans will get up set at the idea that they’ve given for years and the athletic department still would like for you to donate. I get that this might make you upset, but I don’t know that there would be a perfect solution and whatever that solution might be, someone would be upset.

The NCAA announced there would not be any fall championships. So for soccer, there will only be conference games. The NCAA doesn’t control the playoffs and the bowls so they can stick it. the NCAA has been absolutely worthless in tis entire endeavor. Additionally, all FCS teams will postpone their seasons until the spring, although there’s no prohibition for these FCS teams to play non-conference games, so Texas Tech’s game against Houston Baptist will continue.

I mentioned the NCAA’s lack of leadership, and via SI’s Ross Dellenger, a group of senators plan to introduce a college athletes bill of rights that guarantees monetary compensation, long-term healthcare, lifetime educational scholarship, and more eligibility freedoms. I’m trying to be careful here, as this is inherently political, but I believe name, image, and likeness bills have been passed across states on both sides of the fence, so this doesn’t seem to be a red or blue issue (it probably is because we live in world where we can’t all just agree). Basically, this bill would be usurping some of the NCAA’s ability to determine player eligibility, and also requires that athletic departments turn over the books (hell yeah). None of this will happen this session, but probably down the road.

Here are some tweets.

Good News Friday

Even though we process the passing of Tommy McVay, maybe it is an even better time to appreciate everyone’s good news. I’ll start.

I had a couple of good things happen to me this week. I upped my fastest mile on Wednesday morning, down to 7:12. I think that a sub-7:00 mile is feasible and I never thought I’d be able to do that.

Also, we have a really sweet dog, Hope. I think she is a Carolina Dog, which the American version of a dingo. She’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t like strangers and even snarls at them and so we finally got a dog trainer to come to the house to teach us how to help her deal with other humans (lotsa treats!) and that’s been a really good thing.

Everybody love everybody.


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