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The Morning Stake | 2020.08.24

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I do not have the mindset to cover the memorial service for Tommy McVay. I do probate law for a living and so I’m surrounded by death on a pretty regular basis. I’m a barrel of laughs some days. In any event, this sort of thing makes me sad and I don’t even know McVay, but I know how impactful he was to so many people. I cover a lot of things and I hardly ever tap out, but I’m tapping out on this one. This hurts.

I’ve watched a few things and my main takeaways are be incredibly nice to people and do not be afraid to tell people that you love them. Being incredibly and overly nice to people is one of the easiest things in the world to do. And telling those that you love them is one of those ways in which you can be incredibly nice to people.

Everybody love everybody.

Everything Lubbock was the first I saw with the details for the Krista Gerlich and Texas Tech contract on Friday, a deal worth a total of $2.9 million for 5 years with a base salary of $300,000 per year, a $200,000 signing bonus, and a rights fee that increases by $20,000 each year and starts at $200,000 per year.

Gerlich will also have $575,000 for her staff, 3 assistants and 2 support staff. There are bonuses for hitting certain marks, so you can check out Everything Lubbock for the entire list.

I did not have time to do a full transcript of tight end coach and inside receivers coach Luke Wells. What I can write is that Wells is very impressed with Travis Koontz at the tight end position and it is a four-man fight at the inside receiver spot, McLane Mannix, KeSean Carter, Dalton Rigdon, and freshman Myles Price. That list is in no particular order.

Wells also talked about Jason Lloyd and John Holcomb, was asked more about Holcomb, so he’s got more to say about him. Wells also said that Koontz is 265, so that’s really big considering what Texas Tech has played with previously. Wells also mentioned Connor Killian as a guy making improvements.

There was no mention of Simon Gonzalez. I also wanted to add that there are two additional tight ends that are probably good for depth, Jayden York (6-3/215), a freshman from Bowie who I think is a preferred walk-on, and Henry Teeter (6-4/230) a transfer from Holy Cross, but was originally from San Angelo.

If you would like to read a real-live reporter, then Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams wrote about the logjam at inside receiver.

Xavier White earned a scholarship and his parents helped make the announcement. Absolutely terrific.

Texas Tech announced new parking and tailgating plans, namely that Texas Tech has canceled all official tailgating events, lots will open 3 hours before kickoff and basically they want to limit tailgates to just 10 people.

Pants flying around the room.

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