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The Morning Stake | 2020.09.15

The triumphant return of The Morning Stake, your daily dose of all things Texas Tech athletics.

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I am back. I didn’t get the internet back until sometime in the 4 o’clock hour after the service technician perhaps fixed something at the box in front of the neighborhood and then never stopped by my house. An hour and a half on hold and a handful of frustrating tweets, it finally gets fixed.

You’d think that I would have blogged my rear off last night, but no, I had soccer practice duty last night, so I’m up at it this morning writing and trying to get as much done as I can in the time I have before doing what I normally do in the morning.

I’d just tell you that I’m really catching up, I don’t live on my phone for news and reading much, I use my computer for almost all of that, so some of this may not be as relevant as other things. I’ll eventually get situated.

EverythingLubbock has some of the latest COVID-19 numbers for Texas Tech athletics, which is that there have been 69 football players test positive for COVID-19 with 6 current active cases, which means that 75 total cases. There’s been a lot of hand-wringing on Twitter from what I can tell about the high number of cases and I would probably tell you that if all of the college students were actually tested, there would be a significant amount of distress because it would be significantly higher than whatever is being reported.

As we know, there’s an incredibly high chance that a young person will show no symptoms and the extent of the sickness could be a single cough. There are rare cases where a young person dies, but those are rare with a capital R. The issue has and currently is that the spread could spread to the older generation who is more vulnerable than the younger generation.

As far as the football team, I don’t think this is a failure, it’s just a highly communicable disease and I’ve said before that the season is being played, whether you agree or disagree with the idea of playing in a pandemic and it’s probably best not to swing too high or too low with how things are reported.

This sort of dovetails with the COVID-19 numbers, which is that there were a dozen of players out on Saturday, which may, or may not have made a difference. Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams had the following players out:

Linebacker Colin Schooler
Cornerback DaMarcus Fields
Running back Xavier White
Inside receiver McLane Mannix
Offensive lineman Zach Adams
Punt-returner Chux Nwabuko
Quarterback Donovan Smith
Inside receiver Myles Price
Wide Receiver J.J. Sparkman
Offensive lineman Troy Bradshaw
Offensive lineman Demarcus Marshall
Offensive lineman Trevor Roberson,
Defensive end Gilbert Ibeneme
Linebacker Bryce Robinson

A bit of Lady Raider news. New head coach Krista Gerlich announced her staff yesterday.

Associate head coach JC Carter comes from Florida State. Ashley Crawford was at UT-Arlington with Gerlich. Eric Ely was at Oregon State the past 10 years where he was an assistant athletic director for the women’s basketball team and before that an assistant coach. Jared Boyd was also at UT-Arlington as was Jordan Vessels (and played at West Texas A&M under Gerlich).

It was also reported by the Avalanche Journal that Oklahoma State standout and honorable all-American Vivian Gray would transfer to Texas Tech. The 6’1″ forward averaged 19.3 points and 4.9 rebounds last year and if this happened, that would be pretty stinking amazing.

This is a huge deal and congrats to Greg Sands. FYI, the Arnold Palmer Cup is a USA vs. International sort of golf competition for college students, so this is a huge honor.


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