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The Morning Stake | 2020.10.12

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Well. It’s a bye week and I’m somewhat glad for it. I’m going to try to focus on basketball this week. It might just be me, we’ll see how it goes.

In any event, it might be a nice distraction from the football team for a bit. I’ll have something today for sure and we’ll see how things play out the rest of the week.

Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams writes about Texas Tech head football coach Matt Wells saying after the Kansas State loss that winning times are around the corner. And then came the Iowa State game:

The past two weeks underscored how far the program has fallen. There’s no reason for Kansas State and Iowa State to beat Texas Tech on a regular basis, yet Kansas State has done it nine times in the past 10 years and Iowa State has done it five years in a row after the Cyclones’ 31-15 victory Saturday.

Neither has an edge in tradition, an upper hand in resources or an advantage in location over Tech.

Not to disparage Manhattan and Ames. I enjoy trips to both. Both have their appeal. And there’s nothing in either spot that screams college football mecca. Both programs have endured long stretches of epic futility, so there’s nothing that should give Kansas State or Iowa State an inherent advantage over Texas Tech.

Lubbock’s about four times the size of Ames, about five times as big as the Little Apple, and no more remote than the latter in particular.

But Matt Campbell at ISU and Chris Klieman at K-State are making believers while Tech flounders. Klieman’s in year two at KSU, the same as Wells at Tech, and is 11-6 with a bowl trip and a team currently No. 22 in the polls.

Last week, Williams also wrote about how Texas Tech football has a losing culture that needs to be broken and I think that part is true as well. I’m not smart enough to know how to change a culture from losing to winning. Like a lot of you, I’m frustrated at the results. I’d love to see some wins, but as I’ve written way too much, I’m not holding my breath at this point.

There was a lot happening over the past week that I’ve done a terrible job of tracking (because of vacation). I really did somewhat check out. Here’s a summary in case you checked out too:

* Soccer hosted #9 West Virginia on Friday night and lost 2-1, and the prior Friday night, they tied Oklahoma 2-2 in Norman. The soccer team was picked to win the conference, but they haven’t scored like they have been able to do so last year and are currently sitting second to last, right ahead of Oklahoma, at 0-2-2. This team needs to string some wins together.

* The volleyball team was in Ft. Worth for the weekend and beat the Horned Frogs 3-1 on Friday night, but lost 3-2 the previous match. I think they are trying to get two matches in for each Big 12 team, which cuts down on travel. The volleyball team is 3-3 in conference play thus far.

* I won’t try to summarize tennis or golf, so the tweets are below.

Here are some tweets.


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