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The Morning Stake | 2020.10.13

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Basketball week will continue later this morning with a look at the frontourts that concern me the most in the Big 12 and whether or not Texas Tech has solved its frontcourt issues.

Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams has a list of things to do while the team has a bye week and this obviously creates a perfect situation to change the quarterback position.

“The biggest thing for us in the next two days is to self-scout,” Wells said. “What are we doing best? What do we need to improve on? What are the things we need to keep and improve on, and then what are things schematically that we need to stay away from or throw out?

“So there’s kind of three categories as we look at it. We’re looking at personnel. Are we doing it with the right personnel? Different game-situation stuff and then how we practice and how we get our kids back right physically going into West Virginia next week.”

Personnel is such an interesting thing to consider. I think I mentioned in my Ten Things after the Iowa State game that this staff also chose Jackson Tyner to start at quarterback, so for me, there is a disconnect of some nature regarding talent evaluation and performance.

Williams also mentioned the lack of H-receiver options, with KeSean Carter out and Dalton Rigdon having to sub out because of a hit, Caden Leggett ended up playing at that spot. Before the season, Carter, Rigdon, and McLane Mannix, along with Myles Price, seemed like a position where there were too many players. As an aside, I think the receivers, have been truly impressive all year.

Wanted to separate this a bit, but Texas Tech had zero active COVID-19 cases with the student-athletes. Meanwhile, Baylor had 28 active cases and 14 staff members test positive for COVID-19, which will cause the Oklahoma State game to be postponed. Baylor’s AD said that it was likely a negative test (who was actually positive) of a player that got onto the flight from Waco to Morgantown. I don’t know about you, but up until right now, I have not heard of a massive outbreak as a result of being on a plane, especially if everyone is wearing a facemask. I’m not saying that the Baylor AD is wrong, but I’m wondering if it could also be some other reason because as a planet, we’ve had thousands of flights, but not half of a plane test positive, right? Baylor has 44 positive tests, so that’s a ton of people and maybe not literally half of the plan, but a good chunk. I did a google search and did find one woman who infected 15 people on a flight from London to Vietnam where a woman ended up testing positive. So it can happen, but that is a pretty long flight and she infected people mainly in first class (13 of the 15). A direct flight from Waco to Morgantown is about 3 hours. Anyway, these are things that I think about.

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