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The Morning Stake | 2020.10.20

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Not a lot of time to get to the coach press conferences. I had soccer practice duty and so I usually run behind on mornings like today.

Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams has a notebook sort of article, but this is a bit different than what he usually writes. Anyway, it gets a bit into what to expect on Saturday. This is from defensive coordinator Keith Patterson:

Keith Patterson on Monday dismissed the rout in 2019 as “last year was last year.” But the Tech defensive coordinator urged his players during the open week last week to up their level of play.

“It’s time,” Patterson said. “It’s time for our guys to step up, and I really have challenged these guys that, ‘This is the week. The next six games, let’s show marked improvement. Let’s become a consistent defense, one that is going to make it tough on people for four quarters to try to get into the end zone.’

“And we can do that. I know we can.”

And offensive coordinator David Yost on Henry Columbi getting the start on Saturday:

But although Saturday will be Colombi’s first start since his high-school days in Florida, it’ll be the 16th college game in which he’s played.

“I’m sure he’s a little bit more excited, knowing he’s going to be starting the football game now,” Yost said. “So that’ll go into it, but I think he knows how to prepare and put himself into a position to go out and play his best game for his team.”

With the Patterson quote, hopefully this isn’t the plan itself, to just play better. I’m not smart enough to know what technically needs to change and hope that there is a better plan. Just going over some statistics on the defense and it has been pretty terrible. With Yost, it’s fine. Just fine. Hopefully things get better on offense.

I did get a chance to listen to the press conference for head coach Matt Wells and the news was that Dalton Rigdon and Myles Price would be available and we’ll know more this week regarding KeSean Carter and McLane Mannix.

There were lots of questions concerning the quarterback change and I don’t know that we really learn anything new. Wells does also state that the offensive line needs to get into the second level on the running game, which is true. We’re about to see a test as to how tough the offensive line is this week.

Texas Tech will host Oklahoma next week, on October 31st, at 7:00 p.m. on FOX.

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