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The Morning Stake | 2020.11.16

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I hope you had a good weekend. You might be happy to know that we have part 2 of the Slack Chat where we preview the season coming up today and part 3 coming up later this week.

I would also like to advise that I threw the football with my 9 year old son, we bought him a real college football for his birthday last month. If you haven’t thrown a football in a while, I tend to forget that 20 yards is about my limit, which says something about my arm. Of course Youssouf also has a 20-yard arm, but as stated above, he’s only 9. He throws a terrific spiral 95% of the time.

Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams opines on the Alan Bowman how his performance muddles the quarterback situation:

Bowman made big plays in the passing game on each of his four scoring drives. He fired a bullet to KeSean Carter down the middle for 19 yards to the 1-yard line, setting up a touchdown. He threw deep to Erik Ezukanma for 46 yards to the Baylor 31, positioning the Red Raiders for a field goal.

And T.J. Vasher and SaRodorick Thompson turned short passes from Bowman into long gains, Vasher for 28 yards to the Bears’ 13, setting up a touchdown, Thompson for 30 yards to the Bears’ 37 moments before the game-winning field goal.

“There were tremendous performances around him,” Wells said, singling out multiple skill-position players. “Guys around him making plays makes a quarterback’s job a lot easier.”

Dallas Morning News’ Chuck Carlton writes about the win over Baylor and how this sort of win could possibly change the trajectory of the Texas Tech program:

After the game, Wells said the result didn’t increase the buy-in, that players’ effort showed they were committed.

“I would say what it does is it re-enforces the trust in the processes and our coaches and the schemes that we’ll doing,” Wells said. “But it also re-enforces our trust in each other.

The Associated Press’ Stephen Hawkins (FYI, Hawkins is a Texas guy and I think has lived in Texas for a long time. Another note is that the game recaps for football are now Associated Press articles rather than being written in-house and would guess that Hawkins writes them, but can’t confirm that.) has a preview of Texas Tech:

Beard believes this could be one of his best shooting teams at Texas Tech, along with a “chance to be a very good defensive team because of our athleticism and length, and toughness and experience.”

One of Beard’s first objectives at Tech was “to simply have Big 12 players on the roster from slot one to 13,” a goal he feels has been achieved.

“We like our talent,” Beard said. “We think we can compete in the Big 12, which which will mean that we can compete in the national tournament as well.”

And the Associated Press’ Dave Skretta has a look at the Big 12 with a few Texas Tech mentions.

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