Chris Beard Watch: 2021.04.01

No real update.

Hello gang. Not much of an update here today, which is a really good thing that I’m calling this a watch and not anything else. My stance hasn’t changed since I posted yesterday. The general idea is that I felt that yesterday, we were probably dealing with a 50/50 proposition in terms of what happens.

I’ve always been incredibly honest with you all in that I’ve never had any sources. Ever. I’ve never held myself out to be a reporter. Ever.

I’m a blogger and proud of it. It is the reason I’ve always been so careful to never break news because that’s not my job. That’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do.

The biggest news today is that Chris Beard had a provision in his contract that required that any Big 12 school that hired him would have to pay a buyout penalty, prior to today that buyout was $6 million and as of today that drops to $4 million. That’s not necessarily news as much as it is as something that is true.

There are people who are supposing that today is also significant because it is 4/1 or as Beard might say, 4:1, “The mental is to physical as four is to one.” I don’t know, it would be fun if there was some movement because of the date, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I should mention something that Red Raider Dugout’s Keith Patrick noticed on the Slack channel, which is that Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt did not have a radio show this week, perhaps he’s busy? Not sure, but just something to watch.

Continue to hold onto your butts.


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