Practice Report: Is Terence Steele Moving to Left Tackle?

According to reports, redshirt freshman Terence Steele is moving to left tackle and Baylen Brown is moving to center as the offensive line is in a bit of flux as the season is set to start in two weeks.

Word leaked yesterday that Terence Steele would be starting at left tackle and Baylen Brown would be starting at center, which somewhat changes everything that we’ve thought about the offensive line up until yesterday. As an aside, word initially leaked from Red Raider Sports, but was behind a paywall and eventually I re-Tweeted some things from Andrew Doak at KAMC. If you don’t follow Doak, give him a follow. Let’s get to some news from his Twitter feed.

  • Gary Moore is still transitioning to that defensive side and he thinks it is a work in progress and still needs to work alignment. Notes that the defensive line is staying in their gaps and “guys are staying flat, and executing” which is terrific news. Moore also said that Kolin Hill has been very good at the other end and Ondre Pipkins is very much needed. Moore also said that defensive line coach Kevin Patrick brings intensity and pushes back on Moore, which I sorta like.
  • Steele said that he has moved to left tackle and he said “Think that will be where i will stay for the rest of the season.” That’s a big move and remember when we saw that video of Patrick Mahomes flick da wrist, someone noted that it was Travis Bruffy at left tackle and not Baylen Brown, so here we go. Doak noted that “When asked about OLs that have popped out in camp, first two names out of his mouth were Madison Akamnonu and Paul Stawarz.” Steele said that 4 of the 5 offensive line spots are filled, so I presume the left guard spot is still one that needs to be filled, but if Steele is at left tackle, Akamnonu is at left guard, Brown is at center and Justin Murphy is at right guard we’ve got a right tackle spot to figure out.
  • Doak then talked with Jonathan Giles who is starting over Ian Sadler. He said that the biggest difference from last year to this year is his strength and weighs about 185. Giles said that the competition with Ian Sadler is fun and they’re good friends and they compete on and off the field each day. Giles said that Mahomes talks to Giles about how much better his route running is this year from last year. Giles also talked about T.J. Vasher and Antoine Wesley, noting that with their length you can just throw it up to them and they’ll go get it and says that the fact that they both played basketball helps them a lot.

LAJ’s Don Williams writes that Steele’s rise and high level of play has been something that head coach Kliff Kingsbury has been discussing since preseason camp started:

“He’s going to have his ups and downs. He’s going to be a redshirt freshman, and we know that. But if what I saw this spring is any indication, then he’s going to fit right in.”

The praise is fine; now he has to live up to it, Steele says.

“I just try not to let it get to my head,” he said, “because I haven’t really proved anything yet, playing-wise, on Saturdays. Just try to keep a narrow mind. Just work hard.”

RRS’s Will McKay has a recap from preseason camp thus far and one prediction, which is that he thinks Jordyn Brooks, who is currently running at second team, will start at some point during the year:

Now, the Houston Stratford product is solidly running with the twos and was even seen as a starter at Wednesday’s practice. His stock continues to rise, and he is seemingly making a push at the right time.

My prediction? Brooks will be a starter a few weeks into the year. He’s a physical specimen that already looks like an upperclassman, and he has talent that you can’t teach. If Brooks can continue to learn the defense and not get overwhelmed, he will start as a true freshman.


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