This community is designed to bring you quality sports content and a forum to discuss that content. We encourage you to share your perspective, and to react to our authors and their opinions.

Please, treat our comment threads the way you’d treat your favorite sports bar: keep the conversations fun, engaging and respectful. Help make this site a satisfying place to hang out.

What should I know before commenting? Generally speaking, there are just a few rules:

1. Don’t call people names.
2. Don’t talk religion.
3. Don’t talk politics.
4. Don’t make homophobic, racist, political or religious comments.
5. Don’t post references to male or female genitalia.
6. Don’t post stuff that’s behind a paywall.
7. No personal attacks on players. Criticize the game and the play on the field, but don’t call the players names, see #1 above.
8. Do not post links to websites where they are illegally streaming a Texas Tech game.

The last item is relatively new and really important. Previously, people would post links where other websites were illegally streaming games. I can get into a lot of trouble if you even just post the link. Don’t do it. Please. I’ll delete the comment and send you a warning, but if you do it again then you’re gone. It’s that big of a deal.

The name-calling is a big thing with me and I’ve always thought that when you call people names you’ve resorted to no longer having a conversation. This applies to ANYONE and EVERYONE. This includes people on Staking The Plains and people in the world that you do not personally know. It doesn’t matter. DO NOT CALL PEOPLE NAMES.

You should also know that I’m a big proponent of letting you all say what you want for the most part. This doesn’t mean that you get to yell “First Amendment Rights!” when I do ask you not to write something because I’m not a government entity. Still, there is a long leash to have an open conversation about a lot of things.

One more thing, the general concept of any community is to be nice and respectful like you were having a dialogue in front of each other rather than over the internets. This is a request, but if you fail to heed my request, then that’s grounds for just letting you go. Be a good human being on Staking The Plains. For the longest time, the only rule on Viva the Matadors and Double-T Nation was, “Don’t be mean”. I had to expand on that initial rule, but I try to keep the rules to a minimum.

Bottom line, even though most of the comments are anonymous internet people, I’m still going to hold you accountable for what you say.

Don’t be a bully.

Don’t be mean.

Let’s do this.

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