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The Morning Stake | 2018.10.04

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Leading Off

A couple of items:

  • I haven’t been able to post to Facebook for a few days. I’m doing all of the things that I normally do, posting the link and then hitting submit, but it’s not sticking. Not sure what I’m doing or not doing, but I really dislike posting to Facebook anyway, so I’m not totally upset. Nevertheless, I’ll keep working on it.
  • I’m hoping that I’ve had my last mow of the season. I got one in last night and it’s October and would like to think that we’re done. It’s supposed to rain starting on Saturday, so I needed to mow before it became too muddy to mow.

Texas Tech Volleyball

What a match, K-State won the first set, then Texas Tech, then Kansas State, and then Texas Tech closed the last two. That’s your undefeated in conference, 4-0, volleyball team.

Texas Tech Soccer

Texas Tech Tennis

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone has an early look at the college basketball season and the NBA Draft and Jarrett Culver is listed as one of the sophomores who is expected to shine.

Texas Tech Football

This is about to become a Patrick Mahomes blog if his success continues. The Ringer’s Rany Jazayerli goes through Kansas City’s quarterbacks since Len Dawson and knowing that Patrick Mahomes is “the one” and that’s pretty much how much I felt since the minute I saw him.

Mahomes holds the all-time league record for most touchdown passes through the first two and three weeks of a season. He holds the record for most touchdown passes in a quarterback’s first three and four career starts, even though he didn’t throw any during his first one. He’s turned in more three-touchdown games this fall than the other two first-round QBs in his draft class (Mitchell Trubisky and Deshaun Watson) combined, and he’s five months younger than Baker Mayfield, the quarterback who was taken no. 1 overall this spring. Mahomes is on pace to finish this season with 4,800 passing yards, a 65 percent completion clip, and an NFL-record 56 touchdown passes against zero interceptions.

NFL’s Chris Wesseling has his top 10 MVP candidates and you’ll never guess who is #1:

It just so happens that the quarterback position is at its most visually and viscerally appealing when played in a swashbuckler style with a devil-may-care attitude that rewards creativity and improvisation. Behind Door No. 1, Reid had the platonic ideal of a safe caretaker in Alex Smith, a solid veteran with a limited ceiling and a track record of perennial playoff contention. To Reid’s everlasting credit, he opted instead for Door No. 2, which opened to the mystery of a wildly unpredictable young quarterback with the raw talent and stylistic similarities of a young Favre. Now that a precocious Mahomes is deciphering opponents’ intentions before the snap and forcing defenses to cover the entire width and length of the 53×100 gridiron, his first four games of 2018 most resemble Tom Brady’s 2007 and Peyton Manning’s 2013 — two of the greatest QB seasons in the Super Bowl era.

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