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The Morning Stake | 2019.04.15

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Things To Do. Anyone else up to their ass in alligators regarding things to do around the house? The NCAA Tournament put some games ahead of “things to get done around the house” and I’m feeling it as I spent the entire Sunday digging holes for some posts to put in the patio and string some lights up (the wife I think wants to re-create the marriage scene in Fandango, but without the wedding or me dancing like Kevin Costner and the bride with the bandana — look it up if you’re lost). Dug the holes, poured the concrete and then dug a few more holes for some trees the wife wants to buy (because the ground is saturated). I’m more tired going back to work Monday than I was on Friday, but the wife is happy so I’m happy.

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Texas Tech Baseball

Lose 2 of 3 to West Virginia. Well, the baseball crew lost two of three to the Mountaineers over the weekend, the two losses were pretty close, Friday night loss was 2-0, the Saturday loss was a walk-off walk for a loss, and Saturday Caleb Kilian was absolutely filthy, retiring 19 straight.

Texas Tech Basketball

For the Fans.

Recruiting Don’t Quit. Look, whether you like it or not, the recruiting isn’t going to stop and be thankful that you have a head coach and assistant coaches that are as relentless as you are about visiting this blog (we all have our strengths). Over the weekend, Texas Tech visited Scotland Performance Institute’s Clarence Nadolny, who is originally from France (SPI is in Pennsylvania, not Scotland). Nadolny is a 6’4″ shooting guard that handles the rock quite well too. Nadolny is down to West Virginia, Iowa State, and Texas Tech. I don’t know what this means for Chris Harris, Jr. who was maybe supposed to be on campus soon, but I’d maybe put my money on Nadolny.

Additionally, Drexel graduate transfer Alihan Demir has heard from Texas Tech along with TAMU, Pitt, Arkansas, Georgetown and Arizona State.

SI Coach of the Year. Via SI’s Molly Geary, Texas Tech had coach was named the coach of the year:

Seven months ago, the Red Raiders were chosen seventh in the preseason Big 12 poll, received just six votes in the preseason AP Top 25 and were ranked No. 41 in SI’s preseason rankings. A glass-half-full expectation of their season had them contending in the Big 12 and finishing the year ranked, with a Sweet 16 run likely considered their absolute optimal ceiling. You know what happened next. Texas Tech not only got to its first Final Four after winning a share of the Big 12, it came within a basket of cutting down the nets in Minneapolis. Beard deserves endless credit for the job he did this season, whether it’s Jarrett Culver’s development into an NBA lottery pick, landing coveted grad transfers Matt Mooney and Tariq Owens or coaching the nation’s best defense.

Will Be Back. Midland Reporter-Telegram’s Oscar LeRoy writes about how Beard is correct in saying that Texas Tech will be back:

Even with all that said, there will still be doubters that the program will stay relevant on a national level. And you know what? That’s OK, because that will only add fuel the fire for the coaches and players. It did so this season and finding that extra motivation is always good for an athlete or a coach.

“One thing I always tell the guys is, ‘Man, you’ve got to thank the haters, too,’” said Beard before the national championship game. “I think maybe (Michael) Jordan in his Hall of Fame speech said that. I get great motivation from the people that tell us what we can and can’t do.”

Texas Tech Football

Frisco Scrimmage.

A-J Media’s Mike Graham recaps teh scrimmage (Mike used to work for the A-J, but has maybe moved on to the DFW area?):

“Those dudes came from the same spot,” Bowman said of his basketball counterparts after the game. “They’re eating the same food we are, they go to the same classes we do, get on the same buses and they’re in the national championship. They love each other and love the game. I get the chills just talking about it now. Us seeing that, I think it’s huge. Why not us?”

Due to his recurring collapsed lung issues last season, the spring game marked Bowman’s first opportunity to play in front of a fan base that saw him climb the ranks as the quarterback at nearby Grapevine High School two seasons ago. He completed 17 of 26 passes for 220 yards and two touchdowns, an earlier score going to Perryton native Dalton Rigdon.

But it was the defense that made the largest statement through the game. It led the offense 39-6 with about five minutes to play through two live quarters based on points won by forcing seven punts in addition to sacks, tackles for loss as well as an interception by backup defensive back Trey Gentry.

AP’s Stephen Hawkins recapped the scrimmage and the only thing I’m quoting is this bit from Bowman about the offense:

Bowman said while the Red Raiders now have a lot fewer plays, each play is more intricate.

“A lot more intricate, a lot different components to each play, instead of a lot of plays,” Bowman said.

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