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The Morning Stake | 2020.07.30

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I think the big news from yesterday was that the ACC along with Notre Dame announced they would be going to a 10 game schedule with one additional non-conference game. The non-conference game must be in the home state of the ACC program and the opponent must meet the safety protocols of the ACC program. The ACC will have 11 games over 13 weeks with 2 bye weeks worked in the schedule as well. I’d also add that there are no dates for the schedule so they remain completely flexible.

Check and mate.

I’m being a bit sarcastic here, but it appears that the ACC was not waiting on anyone to dictate to them how their season would play out, and that would include the SEC and Big 12. I know that the Big 12 has received quite a bit of flack from folks like us, but it appears that the Big Ten and the ACC decided how things would go.

Via ProFootballFocus’ Seth Galina, this was just a fun read and it’s all about football. Let’s see how many comments we get on this. Basically, the idea is that RPO-based offenses will have quarterbacks who will rack up lots of yards and be really successful. Ultimately, OU’s Spencer Rattler gets the top spot because Lincoln Riley is so good at creating offenses that are quarterback friendly, but I really wonder if/when Yost and his offense would get included. With a less than stellar quarterback in Jett Duffey, who was reigned in quite a bit, how would an average quarterback perform in Yost’s system to create big numbers. We’re about to find out.

Athlon Sports’ Allen Kenney writes about wild card players for the offense and defense for each team in the Big 12. The offensive pick, is a healthy Alan Bowman and yeah, I tend to agree. If he is healthy, he could be reallly good. And the defensive player picked is linebacker Brandon Bouyer-Randle, the Michigan State transfer:

Bouyer-Randle saw action in four games for the Michigan State Spartans last year. He’s trying to make more of a name for himself this year in Lubbock as a graduate transfer. He has a chance to transition directly into a starting spot on the edge with the Red Raiders.

These are the new student-athletes for the soccer team and the goalie on the left could absolutely dunk on me. That’s Sydney Malmstrom and she 6’2″, a transfer from Tyler Junior College.

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