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The Morning Stake | 2020.08.04

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The NBA deadline passed and according to CBS Sports, Jahmi’us Ramsey did not withdraw his name. CBS Sports mock draft does not have Ramsey being picked, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but I do think that Ramsey is on the edge of being picked in the first round and possibly the second. A lot of times, players are given assurances about where they will be picked that are relatively accurate. We’ll see if this is the case with Ramsey who is taking a bit of a gamble in chosing to stay in the NBA Draft.

Texas Tech continues to wait on the waivers of Mac McClung and Jahmius Burton, the transfers from Georgetown and Wichita State. Burton is not expected to play (things change though) and McClung is seeking a waiver to play immediately. With Ramsey making it official, there is a real need at the guard spot.

With so much going on (and me taking Youssouf to soccer practice last night and not getting home until 9:00 p.m.) there’s a lot to get to with the “player movement” in the Pac-12 and all that goes with that. I’m going to try to craft some thoughts about that later tonight.

Want to know a pretty good rule of thumb. Don’t ever use the N-word. Ever. Via FootballScoop, TCU head coach Gary Patterson did not like one of his players using the N-word (the player is African American) and Patterson actually used the N-word to make that request. It would be akin to my kid using the word asshole, but then me using the word asshole to tell him to stop using it. Not real bright. Of course, the N-word comes with much more cultural significance and the bottom line is that the players, who ended up boycotting that practice, said that they let Patterson know that it was inappropriate for him to use that word (yes, there are certain words white people cannot say and I’m okay with that and I realize that I’m opening the door for this discussion, but if you think that I’m wrong, go ask your African-American friends if it’s okay).

The odd thing here (of course lots of things are odd about this) is that this was apparently handled, then it spilled out of the locker room yesterday and made its way on Twitter, so my guess is that some of the players really didn’t like the way things were handled with Patterson. The other odd thing is that Patterson has been a coach for 20 or 30 years and in 2020, he’s being told by players he can’t use the N-word in any context. How can he not know that or claim ignorance? I don’t know.

Just spitballin’ but what about this for starting 5’s for Beard, Adams, & Co.

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