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The Morning Stake | 2020.08.13

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CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish writes about the idea of playing basketball in bubbles and well, it would be smart for the basketball people to do the opposite of what college football people did and get creative and start to think of how to play a season if things do not improve.

From a college basketball perspective, the NCAA generates $900 million worth of revenue from March Madness, as Parrish points out and it would be well worth college basketball’s time to figure out how to play possibly inside a bubble or bubbles.

So every conference should be instructed to start making plans for a bubble with the idea that Selection Sunday will be March 7, 2021 — a week earlier than currently scheduled. (I’ll explain why momentarily). If some conferences decide not to participate (because of the cost of a bubble or other reasons), that’s fine. We’ll see you next season. If some schools within conferences that participate decide not to participate, that’s fine. We’ll see you next season. If some players on teams from conferences that participate decide not to participate, that’s fine. We understand.

The new Masked Rider is Cameron Hekkert a 4th year student in the College of Arts & Sciences will be the new Masked Rider and the 59th Masked Rider for Texas Tech.

“I just love the environment of college sports and especially the environment here at Texas Tech,” Hekkert said. “I rushed High Riders my first semester, met my best friend and current roommate there and served as the public relations chair for the organization this past academic year. I was in charge of their social media and spoke at elementary school pep rallies on their behalf. I also was a member of the Texas Tech Athletic Ambassadors, which allowed me to work in fan engagement and promotions at home sporting events.”

You all posted this the other day (I save things on Pocket because there is no way I could actually remember all of these links). A nice photo essay and Q&A with the new graduate transfers, including linebacker Brandon Bouyer-Randle, offensive lineman Josh Burger, running back Chadarius Townsend, linebacker Jacob Morgenstern, and safety Eric Monroe.

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