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The Morning Stake | 2020.11.17

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Slam’s Deyscha Smith profiles Jahmi’us Ramsey as the NBA Draft is Wednesday night and Ramsey talked about what made him choose Texas Tech:

What stood out most to Ramsey about Texas Tech was head coach Beard, whom he felt like always kept it real with him.

“Coach Beard came down a lot and visited me at Duncanville High school. And when I went on the visit I saw that he wasn’t just talking but it was real. Not just his staff but his players off the court, I would just ask them questions,” he says. “I actually asked players, How is he? I asked players that didn’t play was there a pain about him, but there wasn’t no fluff in there at all.”

And the official site has a nice article on Ramsey and preparing for the NBA Draft. My official prediction is that Ramsey goes late 1st or early 2nd. I do hope he gets drafted and he has too good of a shot not to get drafted I think ,the NBA craves stuff like that. And as far as the complaint about Ramsey going too early, generally speaking, when players declare even when maybe they should not it is an indication that they don’t really want to go to school and that’s okay too. The rules require him to be in school or play in the non-NBA for a year and he played that one year at Texas Tech. Just be happy for him and hope for the best.

The Rebound’s Rob Dauster has his top 25 college basketball teams and rather than give glowing reviews of each team, he gives each team’s biggest weakness. Dauster has Texas Tech at #12:

Where their ceiling comes into play, however, is on the offensive end of the floor, and I’m not sure that we — I — have fully appreciated just how much of a void was left by the graduation of Keenan Evans and the departure of Jarrett Culver. What Tech wants to do offensively works like this: They run a motion-based offense to try and create a look early in the clock, and if things get gummed up they allow their lead guard to make a play. The year they made the Elite Eight, that guy was Evans. The year they made the national title game, that guy was Culver, and Matt Mooney, to a point.

Last year, that guy never stepped forward. I thought it would be Jahmi’Us Ramsey. That didn’t work out.

For reference purposes, Dauster has Kansas at #5 and Baylor at #2.

Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams reports on the latest Covid-19 reports from Texas Tech, which is that 8 active cases.

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