Texas Tech Hoops – NBA Mock Drafts are High on Culver

A lot of college basketball fans knew that Jarrett Culver was good coming into the start of his sophomore campaign at Texas Tech. Yet, only our Red Raider fans knew his superstar status was far above the projections for the NBA that were rolling out at the end of last year. Since Tech has been in the spotlight for most of the 2019 staying a steady top 20 team a majority of the regular season Culver has had his time to shine with the national spotlight on him.

I think sometimes we take for granted how special of a player he is, because we expect him to have a 20 point game each and every time Texas Tech plays. He has some stretches with getting into shooting slumps, and his long-range shot is still developing. Although, he has all the tangibles that NBA scouts crave with his length and skills that many professional analysts have now projected him a top lottery pick in this upcoming NBA draft. Let’s take a look at what some of the sports outlets are saying about him and how high they predict Culver to go in their mock drafts.

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From the 2019 Sport Illustrated Mock Draft 4.0

From The Big Lead

From NBC Sports Mock Draft 3.0

From CBS Sports Mock Draft

From Bleacher Report

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One thing we can predict is that Culver will be playing ball in the NBA after our March Madness run. The further we advance in the Big Dance the more exposure the nation will get of our superstar, and the rest is history. So, let us keep tabs on how his stock is rising and enjoy his last game in Lubbock on March 4th as a Red Raider. You’ll soon be seeing him ball against the Rockets, Spurs, and Mavs. Wreck ’em Tech!!!

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