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The Morning Stake | 2020.09.29

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Again, soccer practice duty from last night for me so not a lot of time this morning.

The assistant coaches were made available to the media yesterday. I’m embedding it below.

Offensive coordinator David Yost said that the 5 3-and-outs were bad and the offense was just okay. Yost talked about getting a first down and scoring, 7 of 10, with explosive big plays, the team scores, and without big plays they don’t score. Also stated that the run game was uneven and the screen game was taken away and didn’t take advantage of the running lanes better. Yost also talked about the interceptions, the first was a “bad quarterbacking interception” and that Bowman did not recognize UT going to a one-high safety look, and the second one was thinking that they had a free play and the UT player was offsides but the penalty wasn’t called.

I didn’t get a chance to listen to Keith Patterson (Yost also addressed the 3rd Bowman interception but needed to jet).

Television and time was announced, Texas Tech will travel to Ames and take on Iowa State October 10th at 2:30 p.m.

Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams also makes it sound like that head coach Matt Wells was also available (I didn’t see the YouTube video) as Williams has a football notebook, which include the very good play of SaRodorick Thompson, the play of the tackles, Caleb Rogers and Ethan Carde, and also said that inside receiver Dalton Rigdon should not be out for an extended period of time and that DaMarcus Fields should not be out much longer, although he gave no timetable for his premier.

Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams also writes about how Wells and the players do not want the Texas loss to define them.

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