Sonny Cumbie Introduced as Texas Tech Offensive Coordinator

Sonny came home in video form (sorry again for the reference).

Yesterday, head coach Matt Wells as the new offensive coordinator for Texas Tech. I’ve done my usual non-transcript, which is the gist of the media session that Cumbie had with the media. I did not do any part of Wells session, which last a few minutes because I was running out of time this morning and wanted to focus on Cumbie. Let’s go.

Appreciate Matt and Kirby Hocutt for making this happen. Extremely excited to be back in Lubbock and Texas Tech. This place is really special. Excited to be able to work with players, going to work with them, sharing with them what I learned, very appreciative of Gary Patterson and my time in Fort Worth. Excited to win football games, will take hard work, but look forward to rolling our sleeves up and working.

Want an offense that is explosive, physical and does things together.

Really appreciate of Wells and the trust he has in me in getting things going.

All of the time spent here it was an opportunity to come back to a place I grew up in, the decision leaving here was not easy, relationships and people are involved. Comfortable with people and Wells. Lot of people involved and the belief that the program is headed in the right direction.

I think there is a lot of talent in the skill position and done a great job recruiting, the offensive line is physical. My job to make sure the quarterbacks are at a high level. I’ve watched a lot of Texas Tech offense and they play very hard. Just the competitive character of the group is exciting.

I think there will be a great amount of differences, I have an idea of what I want to do, but talking to the offensive coaches, who is good at what, I think it is identifying what the players are good at and the things that Texas Tech has done in the past, 10 personnel, but the ability to create mismatches using formations, we’ll do that.

I think everywhere you go, you learn, pick up things you want to apply, in the confines of your character. learned a great deal from Mike Leach, Neal Brown, Coach Kill and Doug Meachum. The number one thing is to win football games and what do we do to win football games. We want to be explosive and throw the ball down the field, but also identifying what gives us the best chance to win.

It means a great deal, the fabric of West Texas, people are passionate about Texas Tech and that didn’t leave me, I was working at a great place and I followed Texas Tech from afar, but I’ve always loved Texas Tech and to come back in a leadership role and help win football games, I’m excited.

I think the most important thing is to evaluate the guys here now and the guys signed. [Cumbie rattles off all of the quarterbacks in the room.] I’m still trying to learn everyone, i think you evaluate those guys and you got a good sample of Alan Bowman and Henry Colombi and try to figure out why they weren’t successful.

I think the place was a place we were very comfortable with, and there are pieces in place to win and be successful. It is our job to get back to that spot and made it appealing to take this position.

Any time that you have sat in a player’s seat, at your own alma mater, you gain a bit of credibility and when it comes from these exact seats 20 years ago, for 4 years, being able to relate to the kids, and recruit to Texas Tech and Lubbock, guys that are willing to come and the sense of togetherness and sense of pride of Texas Tech, that opportunity was great and to try to bring kids here again was something that drew me back here.

Ed Note. I had to stop at the 18:23 mark as I had to get ready for work.


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