Texas Tech Offers Terry Wilson, Jr. and Why You Should Read Something Into This

As mentioned before, we don’t do a ton of “Texas Tech offers . . . ” posts because offers tend to go out quite a bit and have a post that just talks about an offer seems like it doesn’t foster much, if any discussion. In certain cases, like when Tubby Smith offered Chris Boucher, I do think it is appropriate to do a separate post because I think there’s some discussion that could take place.

Texas Tech has offered four quarterbacks up until yesterday: Shea Patterson (committed to Ole Miss); Shane Buechele (committed to Texas); Tristan Wallace (committed to Ohio State); and Jalen Hurts (uncommitted). You can go up and down every other position and Texas Tech has handed out offers like candy (as do most programs, so this isn’t unique to Texas Tech), but Texas Tech has been very hesitant to hand out many offers at the quarterback spot.  I get the feeling that head coach Kliff Kingsbury is pretty much in charge of this part of the process and he hand-picks his offers whereas he may trust the staff to make offers as they see it necessary.

I think the implication here is that the staff may not feel real good about Hurts committing to Texas Tech and if you look at the fake crystal ball, Hurts is leaning towards Texas A&M as their quarterback for the 2016 class. This isn’t a terrible and horrible thing, programs win and lose recruiting battles all of the time and so I don’t think this is a huge deal. I should also mention that the reason why Hurts is apparently considering Texas Tech so much, despite quite a bit of pressure from TAMU is that according to Chris Level (I’m going off of memory here, so if I have some of this incorrect, let me know) when Kingsbury was at Houston, he helped out Hurts’ dad, who is now the head coach at Channelview, in some form or fashion. Kingsbury didn’t have any sort of motive to help Hurts’ father other than to just help out another coach and it was so long ago that Kingsbury coudln’t have know that Jalen would turn out to be the quarterback that he has. Hurt’s dad apparently never forgot this gesture and it’s playing a long ways to Hurts liking Texas Tech so much. I’d also add that this isn’t Texas Tech running up the white flag, but maybe more of an indication than anything else, in that the coaching staff very much seems to be putting some serious time into recruiting a quarterback and focusing on just one.

This all leads us to yesterday where Texas Tech offered Terry Wilson, Jr. (6-3/187) from Del City in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Wilson is generally regarded as a 3-star quarterback at this point in the process and the fake crystal ball has him committing to Nebraska and you should be totally surprised that two of the three predictions are writers from Nebraska sites. Wilson exploded from his sophomore to his junior year, where he passed for a mere 500 or so yards as a sophomore to 2,856 as a junior, with 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Wilson is listed as a dual threat quarterback, but he only rushed 55 times all year for 194 yards. Wilson is certainly mobile, but he’s not displayed being a running quarterback.

Wilson has really nice footwork and I really like the way that he throws on the run. He keeps his throwing arm high and there’s not a ton of wind-up to his pass, which I think spread coaches love because it is about getting that ball out quickly. He’s got some nice touch on some of those deep passes, dropping it between the defender and the offensive player or dropping it between zone coverage. I think he still needs to work on consistency, but that’s not uncommon.

There’s no question that the quarterback for the 2016 class is incredibly important and the fact that this offer went out, is pretty significant (I think).


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