The Morning Stake: Recruiting Analyst Talks Texas Tech Football Recruiting

A recruiting analyst talks about the state of Texas Tech’s 2016 recruiting class and an interesting article on recruiting 2-star and 3-star players and becoming a football power.

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Rival’s Howell Talks Texas Tech Recruiting. Really great read from DMN’s Tommy Magelssen had a really nice Q&A with Rivals’ Jason Howell (@RivalsJason and go ahead and follow @TommyMagelssen too) to talk about the state of Texas Tech’s 2016 class. I encourage you to read the whole thing as there’s a lot there, but I’ll highlight a copule of itmes. Magelssen asks who could round out Texas Tech’s class:

On some guys are who Texas Tech has an eye on to round out its class:

Howell: “Marvin Terry is one that I would look at. I think a guy like Mulbah Car, he’s listed as a running back in our deal, but he’s a guy that they’re eyeing over there on the defensive side of the ball. (Wide receiver) Brandon Benson from Waco La Vega, (Beaumont West Brook wide receiver) Keith Corbin is another guy they offered pretty early. Cameron Williams is a four-star (wide receiver) from Dallas First Baptist I could see them making a play for. Rowdy Frederick (Broken Arrow, Okla.) is a guy they got in on early. He was our o-line MVP a the Dallas Rivals camp series, and right now he’s kind of looking at his options. Tech’s one of his bigger schools right now. Deonte Williams (Plano Prestonwood) is a guy who could be one to watch there. Those are kind of the main ones as I look at everything that really kind of catch my attention.”

I think those are some good names to watch. Howell also talks about Texas Tech is out early on guys, which is interesting, including being out early on Jett Duffey. Here’s Howell on the class overall:

On his overall thoughts on the class:

Howell: “They’ve done a good job of addressing a lot of issues. They got the quarterback — I wouldn’t be surprised if, like I said, they continued to recruit that position, whether or not they plan to take another one in the class. There’s a lot to like from a lot of different aspects as they build this class and put it together. It’s kind of a typical class — they’ve got some guys that are highly rated. They’ve got some guys that they feel like fit what they do out there. They’ve done a good job in Oklahoma and they’ve been hitting Louisiana a little harder over the last few years, and they continue to stay at home and get guys — not just in Texas, but out there in West Texas, guys from Lubbock and Amarillo.”

Two-Stars and Three-Stars. ESPN’s Max Olsen has a really interesting article about how Baylor and TCU have recruited 2-star and 3-star players to help build their programs to where they are. A lot of us are telling ourselves that this 2016 class is largely built on those 2-star and 3-star players and so the hope for Texas Tech fans is that this coaching staff has figured out their own formula to produce the type of player that can take this team to the next level. Olson mentions everything from players having chips on their shoulders as under-recruited players and many ties to Texas high school recruiting, developing that potential athlete and keeping to the plan.

Miscellaneous. 24/7’s Barton Simmons has an annoying as heck auto-play video and an article of faast players in the 2016 class and that includes Texas Tech Demarcus Fields, I’ll save you a click and tell you that he’s fast and runs a 10.71 100m and a 21.87 200m . . . Turf Show Times gives Bradley Marquez a 4 of 10 chance to make the Rams . . . LAJ’s Don Williams has an article about how Texas Tech is well-planned for team safety in case fans rush the court or field . . .

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