Weekly Conversation: Let’s Be the Panda

It’s time we all embrace the panda.

Seth: So this is getting to be sorta fun? If there was ever a week where the content wrote itself, this was it, from the actual game, to Kingsbury’s post-game comments.

Travis: Yeah, that goes back to Don Williams’ comment about everything lining up sometimes. I still think it was really surprising the way it all played out. It was like the reporters in the room couldn’t believe what they heard. They asked a few more questions before someone finally circled back (CORPORATE LINGO BINGO) and asked a follow-up.

And then to have that as the lead in to TCU week, it’s certainly making our “jobs” easier. So how are you feeling heading into Saturday? Does Tech have a shot?

Seth: I think I’m feeling pretty good. I think it comes down to who has the better defense. With TCU’s defense decimated with injury and suspensions and players leaving, it makes it difficult to gauge just how good the TCU defense is. It looks quite a bit different than what it was just three weeks ago and it will look different on Saturday. I still don’t know how to figure out how Texas Tech’s defense matches up with TCU and how they’ll be able to stop TCU. Texas Tech was able to muster a few stops against Arkansas, but TCU is on a completely different level offensively (although I would guess that Arkansas has the better defense of the two, so think about that for a second).

What’s the biggest factor for you heading into the game?

Travis: I think it will all come down to how well the new players on defense for TCU adapt to the style of play they’ll see from Mahomes and Tech’s skill position players. I’ve been telling anyone that will listen that Tech has so much talent now all over the field on offense that it’s hard to key in on one (or even a couple) players because the other guys will burn you too.

So if TCU doesn’t have an answer for that (and I don’t think they do) then Tech has a really good shot.

Now, let’s get serious for a minute. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you loathe sparrows?

Seth: Oh I totally love them and I don’t inhibit or disturb their nests in any way shape or form. Have I mentioned that I have a cousin that told me that disturbing the nests of any migratory birds is against the law? Not sure if I told you that because I’m not a law breaker and I would never harm them. I would now ask that no one go check my twitter timeline for any incriminating photos.

How do you feel about following players on Twitter? I think I follow one player, Dirk Nowitzki and I also follow Baron Batch, but he’s not a player any more, just an alum from Texas Tech. So other than that, I pretty much have no use for following players and I wondered if I’m alone here or if other people follow players. Also, do you make a distinction between following college players and professional players?

Travis: That’s funny because I have a friend whose wife told him the same thing about the illegalities of disturbing a nest built into the ceiling of a porch in the house he is paying a mortgage on, but he didn’t really believe her. I heard he hung up a picture of an owl that didn’t work and then his wife painted the porch ceiling blue- which worked unless my friend leaves his porch light on. So when my friend got home from vacation late at night and there they were, just sitting up there, crapping everywhere, staring at my friend. He’s always having to go spray down the porch before company comes over.

My friend was so mad at those birds.

I don’t follow any players, pro or college, on Twitter. I can see why many do, and see some RT’s in my TL on occasion but I’ve just never been that interested. I’m probably doing it all wrong.

So how do you see it playing out Saturday afternoon? Shock the world or shock the monkey?

Seth: Wait, before I get to picks, did you see this?

And then this!

Travis: Yeah, they’re the best if you enjoy mushy, waxy, virtually tasteless apples for a snack. Give me a big ol’ gala any day of the week over a pink lady.

Seth: Alright. I don’t know how to account for the defensive players missing for TCU. I do think that I’ll take the points and I also think that Texas Tech wins a close one. 45-42 or something like that. We going to have a panda wreck some sh!t?

Travis: Hell yes.


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