Texas Tech Football Notebook: Outside the Huddle with Kingsbury; Marquez and Welker with Rams

Kingsbury talks about senior day and celebrate America on Saturday, plus, is the indoor practice facility worth it and Bradley Marquez and Wes Welker are ready to step up for the St. Louis Rams.

Outside the Huddle.

Discussion points: Tom Stone was there when Kingsbury played (didn’t know that) and Stone is a guy that Kingsbury talks to about how he progressed his program . . lack of execution . . . practice is the time to get onto people and be demonstrative, but to add that to the players is counter-productive . . . drops are more mental mistakes . . . celebrating America, with flyover and important to Kingsbury, being the son of a Marine . . . the senior class bought into what we were doing and have fought for Texas Tech and mean a lot to them as a staff . . . Kansas State will try to hold the football and wait for Texas Tech to make mistakes . . . do everything you can for the seniors, try not to look at bowl eligibility and just get better each week . . .

Is the Indoor Practice Facility Worth It? LAJ’s Don Williams writes that Texas Tech will hold a press conference on Friday to discuss more detailed plans for the indoor practice facility, which has not been fully funded as of yet. Williams also wonders if the IPF is actually worth it:

I suspect Tech plans to build for two reasons: Number one, Hocutt believes he isn’t doing his job as an AD if he doesn’t provide one — again, everybody has one. The paradox being that Kirby Hocutt was a rugged overachiever, one who probably developed a hard edge that made him a hell of a linebacker by practicing on cold days in the middle of Kansas.

The second reason is the perceived need for an indoor practice facility from a recruiting standpoint, to get the players. Wait. Cool uniforms were supposed to take care of that, weren’t they? I’ve never heard a recruit say he turned down Tech for its lack of an indoor practice facility.

On the Verge. The Collegian’s Liz Heath (the K-State student newspaper) writes that the football team is on the verge of boiling over as they’ve played their toughest competition:

Hubener said the team is aware of what needs to be accomplished in the long term. K-State has been to five straight bowl games, and Hubener said he does not want that streak to come to an end this season.

“We don’t want to be the team that ends that,” Hubener said. “We know that we’ve got four more opponents, and we’ve got to win at least three. We think we’re certainly capable of winning all four. It starts this weekend against Texas Tech.”

K-State isn’t at 212 degrees yet, but this team knows what they need to do to get there. It’s all a matter of executing over these last four games.

Smith to Visit on Saturday. Odessa Permian Desmond Smith is set to visit on Saturday:

Smith is one of the defensive backs mentioned yesterday that has an offer and I could envision Smith accepting the offer this weekend.

Marquez Ready; Welker Signs. St. Louis Rams’ receiver Bradley Marquez now has an opportunity to step up and receive some reps after Stedman Bailey is out (substance abuse), Marquez is ready for that opportunity. Marquez also talks about Wes Welker signing with the Rams, and was someone he always looked up to. With Welker signing, it makes me a bit nervous with his concussion issues, but I hope like heck he does well. And St. Louis now has three former Red Raider footballers, Marquez, Welker and Cody Davis.

All the Punts. Via the NCAA, back in 1939, Texas Tech and Centenary had 77 combined punts, 67 of them came on first down:

A driving rainstorm turned the field into a sloppy mess and neither offense could move the ball by running or passing. Each team repeatedly punted the ball in hopes the other would fumble the return and they would be able to recover it with good field position.

Miscellaneous. DMN’s Michael DuPont rounds up all of the Texas Tech bowl predictions . . . DT’s Brandon Soliz writes that the seniors want to leave the defense better than where they found it . . .


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