Staking The Plains Exclusive: SAAR Opines on Baylor and TCU

One of our own opines on Baylor and TCU.

After Texas Tech’s win over Kansas State, the Sooners were traveling to Waco to take on the Baylor Bears and shortly after the game started, someone asked which player and/or program do they dislike most, Baylor or Baker Mayfield. Our friend David Ubben wasn’t sure.

It’s too bad that our friend, Travis, a.k.a. San Antonio Red Raider, a.k.a. SAAR, was even slightly opinionated about this question.

SAAR immediately received some push back, I mean, why have dislike for Baylor?

I mean, there is no logical reason not to dislike Baylor, and it is the same reason why Baylor dislikes Texas Tech. It’s why cats and dogs don’t get along. It’s just the natural order of things and there’s nothing wrong with laughing at another program’s failures because it’s happened on Texas Tech’s end all too much (LOL DON’T EVEN CARE).

What’s wrong with laughing at the inconsistencies of a Baylor program that thinks they do nothing wrong?

I mean, the chant itself is such a sick burn.

Keep in mind that Baylor is very famous, famous for lots of important things.

And whatever you do, don’t forget about TCU in all of this.

I mean, we’re all having fun, here, right?


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