Texas Tech Spring Football Thoughts | Chapter VII: Patrick Mahomes Already Has that Fran Tarkenton Magic

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury and QB Patrick Mahomes were made available to the media yesterday and they talked about Mahomes’ maturation as a quarterback.


Kliff Kingsbury

  • Head coach Kliff Kingsbury spoke after practice and said that the team was more focused with this practice and had more energy. Overall, just a much better practice. Kingsbury mentioned that this was the 6th practice and that the team would take off for Easter and be back on Tuesday.
  • Kingsbury did acknowledge that Jett Duffey has picked things up fast, but he’s been impressed with how Nik Shimonek has prepared this year, on and off the field. So, I’m always interested to see how Kingsbury will offer up things without being prompted, like mentioning that that Shimonek has worked hard on and off the field. Given the fact that some of you have put some together the fact that Shimonek and Derrick Willies are both roommates and both have wrist injuries . . . you know. So despite whatever happened, Kingsbury isn’t holding it against Shimonek and probably not holding it against Willies either. Kingsbury confirmed that Shimonek will be back next week.
  • Kingsbury also wants to have four quarterbacks ready to go, considering what happened last year, he wants to be fully prepared, so Mahomes, Duffey, Shimonek and Payne Sullins will all be read.
  • Kingsbury was asked about the ESPN Q&A that Patrick Mahomes did where Mahomes said that he’s working on footwork and arm slot and things like that, but Kingsbury said that it’s other things that he’s focused on. Kingsbury said that Mahomes has got the quarterback magic. He’s got the Fran Tarkenton magic down pat, making huge plays, but it’s the routine plays that Mahomes needs to continue to improve upon. Kingsbury wants Mahomes making the right checks at the line of scrimmage and see the open route as opposed to making things up on the run and getting out of the pocket and just making something happen. Truthfully, this is going to make Mahomes a better quarterback because those huge plays aren’t going to be there in the NFL, that Mahomes focusing on the analytical aspect of being a quarterback makes me so much happier than arm slot and footwork. And Kingsbury said that Mahomes just needst to tighten up a little bit and in the pocket.

Patrick Mahomes

  • Mahomes said that the spring is coming together well. Mentioned that the Tuesday practice was a bit sluggish, but there was a lot of energy and speed with this practice.
  • Mahomes was asked about the offensive line and said that it’s getting better, although they are still learning things. The number of reps has been helping quite a bit. That may be one of the hidden benefits of repping so quickly is that you get so many more reps to make the right call and the right read.
  • Mahomes was also asked about how he’s doing against the defense and said that defensive coordinator David Gibbs is good at throwing out surprises. Seemed almost proud to announce that he hasn’t had any INT’s on he team portion of practice, but has had 2 on the 7-on-7. Said that the interceptions is something that he’s really been watching and figuring out ways to avoid them. That should go a long ways with him too.
  • Mahomes was also asked about the ESPN Q&A and he said that he’s working on just taking what’s given and what’s there, not trying to force things. So, I think that Mahomes was asked this question first and then Kingsbury followed, but it’s nice to see these guys in sync. And this isn’t to say that Mahomes isn’t working on footwork and arm slot, I bet he is absolutely working on those things, but I’d guess that Kingsbury is progressing with Mahomes through the spring on how to make him a better quarterback. Mahomes emphasized that he needs to keep working on those little plays and those big plays will devlop from there, that sometimes it is easier to take the 5 yard pass and not the big huge play.



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