Chapter XIV: Mack, Dauphine, Banks and Polite-Bray Make a Move

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury talked after practice and mentioned that Jacarthy Mack, D.J. Polite Bray, Paul Banks III and Corey Dauphine have all impressed this spring.


Kliff Kingsbury

  • Kingsbury was asked about the effort from the scrimmage after a second look and he said that the effort was good, that guys were competing and that’s the most important thing. He mentioned that the guys that needed to play well, played well.
  • Kingsbury said that they are playing everyone at receiver. Cantrell and Tony Brown were banged up a bit. Just rotating them through. The best guys will play and he feels like Texas Tech has a ton of depth there.
  • Kingsbury said that WR Dylan Cantrell practiced today and he looked fine. Cantrell didn’t play in the Midland scrimmage but just kept him out for precautionary reasons. Don’t want to throw him out there too quickly. When we let him go, he’s practiced well.
  • Kingsbury was asked who helped themselves the most on Saturday, Kingsbury said that Corey Dauphine ran really well, has a long ways to go in pass protection and catching the ball. Defensively thought Paul Banks and D.J. Polite-Bray played well at corner and were the three players who stood out. Seems like that Kingsbury really is high on Dauphine and this is a few times that he’s mentioned Polite-Bray.
  • Thoughts on the defense, Kingsbury thought there were a couple of busted coverages, but going up-tempo is a shock to the system for the defense. Still though, Kingsbury thought that the effort was really good and the defense created turnovers and some sacks, along with negative plays.
  • When asked about who has played the best at cornerback, Kingsbury said that Paul Banks III has been the best overall, while D.J. Polite-Bray is right there as well. Kingsbury said that Banks has really stepped up, made a bunch of plays on the ball. If Banks really is making a move, that would be absolutely huge for this program. And note that these are two of the bigger cornerbacks on the team. Probably not a coincidence.
  • When asked about what needs to improve, Kingsbury said that just need to tackle and get people down and compete in a scrimmage with referees and not have negative plays and turnovers.
  • Kingsbury was asked specifically about all of the running backs and he said that they are all pretty special when they have the ball in their hands, but that there are other things that they have to do, like pass protections, catching the ball and knowing where they need to be in pass situations. Was asked if this is why Stockton is out there more, Justin Stockton is just very explosive. Quinton White is reliable and knows the system the best. Demarcus Felton keeps coming on, Corey Dauphine, when he has the ball, he’s electric.
  • Kingsbury thought the front seven had some great plays, some of that tempo stuff wasn’t handled great. He didn’t think the team really reacted the way it need to in those situations, and would guess that once the momentum of the offense gets going, it’s tough to stop. Kingsbury said that the team is still searching for players who make big plays and mentioned that Kolin Hill and Jacarthy Mack have both played well. Mack has been at the rush end, even though he’s 190, but would like to see him at 220, his effort has been outstanding this spring. I have no idea what to do with Mack from a player standpoint because it would seem that his size would severely prohibit his ability to stop the run and he’s really not big enough as a linebacker either. Kingsbury said that he wants to find a place for him on the field.
  • Hill, Zach Barnes, Mack and Kris Williams have all played at that rush end spot and Lonzell Gilmore has had to play inside because of the lack of numbers overall. It’s odd to hear that Gilmore is playing inside after arriving on campus at 217, but considering there’s only three or four scholarship defensive linemen, that makes sense. Kingsbury referenced that Talor Nunez is really not a full-go this spring, so that adds even more to the depth issues. Maybe with Gilmore moving inside for the spring, this will very much toughen up Gilmore. Not that he necessarily needs it, but having to use your size inside and using your strength and leverage. Maybe that will do Gilmore some good.
  • Kingsbury was asked about if the cornerback spots are really open for competition for the incoming freshman and he said that going in, Texas Tech only has one starter, we’re trying to create competition and there are maybe lots of open spots at cornerback. Said that there were four players coming in the secondary, which I presume are Demarcus Fields, Desmon Smith, Douglas Coleman and Kevin Moore and you can expect them to all be significant players in the secondary.
  • Kingsbury was asked about the two new linebackers, Johnathan Picone and Luke Stice, and said that they both have outstanding intensity and effort. They both do everything right and work hard. As far as effort, everything you want.



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