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The Morning Stake: April 26th

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Stevenson to Decide Today. Well, Niem Stevenson just visited Texas Tech this past weekend and now he’s signing today. Keep your fingers cossed!

Smith Decides on Assistants. Via CBS Sports Gary Parrish, Tubby Smith has chosen his assistant coaches and it will be Pooh Williamson, Joe Esposito and Saul Smith with the former assistant coach taking the position of Director of Player Personnel, but without a waiver, this is an NCAA violation.


The Lagging Pac-12 Network. SI’s Andy Staples writes quite a bit about the issues that the Pac-12 is having, from not voting the “right” way with the satellite and the Pac-12 Network lagging far behind the rest of the conferences:

Last Tuesday, Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand and Michael Smith reported that beginning next year Fox will pay the Big Ten $250 million per year for half of a first-tier package that currently generates $100 million a year in total. Assuming ESPN, Turner, NBC, CBS or some combination of those spends at least $150 million per year on the other half, the Big Ten is about to quadruple what it gets for its first-tier rights. The revenue gap between the Pac-12 and the SEC and Big Ten is only going to grow, and there isn’t much Scott can do about it.

His scorched-earth negotiating policy alienated DirecTV, the nation’s largest satellite provider. (Shockingly, companies don’t enjoy doing business with entities that encourage that company’s customers to leave in favor of direct competitors.) The Pac-12 Network still doesn’t have a deal with DirecTV even though AT&T—a company the network does have a carriage deal with—has purchased DirecTV. The Pac-12 Network’s subscriber fee, reportedly 80 cents per month inside the league footprint, is dwarfed by the SEC Network’s $1.40 in-footprint fee. That math is exacerbated by the number of subscribers each conference network has. According to media research from SNL Kagan, the Pac-12 Network has 11 million subscribers. The Big Ten Network has 60 million, and the SEC Network has 63 million. And those relatively few subscribers are not necessarily happy. The Pac-12 Network’s use of regional feeds has left viewers scrambling to find games they want to see and has forced them to watch some of those in standard definition*.

Sure seems like the Pac-12 and the Big 12 would make great partners. A member of the Big 12 has a network that no one watches, but is on DirecTV, while the Pac-12 has a conference network that needs to get on DirecTV.

More Baylor Stuff. Holy Crap, More Baylor Stuff. Via Alex Dunlap at Orangebloods, Shawn Oakman was accused of assault in 2013 and Dunlap is reporting that Baylor and Art Briles knew about the incident but did nothing to Oakman (although Dunlap hasn’t released the confirmation that Baylor and Briles knew about the incident). You can find the police report here, here and here. The report is detailed and ugly:

The victim said she and Oakman were talking about their relationship when he grabbed her “and then shoved her into the brick walls and cabinets,” according to the document. When she told him he was hurting her, he is alleged to have said, “You think I care?”

The investigating police officer noted in the report that the woman had bruises on both arms and a “swelled up bottom lip” and bruises.


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