Win Totals for Texas Tech and the Big 12

Vegas has their win totals for all 128 FBS teams, we take a look at the win totals for the Big 12.

CBS Sports has the latest win totals, via Vegas Insider and as of right now, Vegas has Texas Tech at 7 wins with the price at -110 over and -110 under (meaning that you have to bet $110 to win $100 and for a better explanation, check out OddsShark).

For the rest of the Big 12, here’s how things shake out:

Oklahoma 10
Baylor 9.5
Oklahoma State 8.5
Texas Tech 7
Texas 6.5
West Virginia 6.5
Kansas State 5.5
Iowa State 3.5
Kansas 1.5

The author picks Texas Tech as the best value bet and I think that’s probably a pretty good bet. I also wonder about that Kansas State at 5.5 as being a pretty good value, but you have to give $120 to win $100 and West Virginia seems low in terms of total wins. Also a bit surprised at Baylor at 9.5, almost would have left them off for the time being as that total may be a bit high at this point.


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