The Morning Stake: August 29th


Natalie Schmutz and Gabbie Puente each scored a goal leading Texas Tech to a 2-0 win over Northeastern. The ladies host No. 21 Cal on Friday, game time is at 7:00 pm.


Congrats to head coach Tom Graystone and the team for getting that first win on Saturday. They beat Portland State, but fell to Long Beach State earlier in the day.


Picture perfect. A guy named Logan Hawk took this photograph and he does almost all of the Texas Tech football photos. Truly a talented photographer.

Get to know freshman defensive lineman Nick McCann.

This is a bombshell, especially if it turns out to be true, but according to Land Grant Gauntlet’s Christopher Lambert has sources (sources!) that confirm that BYU will be one of the new members of the Big 12 and the decision is now down between Houston and Cincinnati for the second school, but there’s a catch, the Big 12 has to extend their grant of rights to 2030 or 2032:

Sources close to the situation, that wish not to be identified because they are not authorized to speak on the matter, tell us that the Big 12 has narrowed its expansion list to three schools: BYU, Cincinnati and Houston. UCONN and UCF are reportedly no longer under consideration.

Two of the finalists, BYU and Houston, have been endorsed by ESPN, Fox and Navigate. Normally an endorsement by those three would mean BYU’s addition was a foregone conclusion, but the Cougars haven’t made it easy on the Big 12.

If Texas Tech can’t get the needed 8 votes, then Cincinnati is the alternate, but the odds are that Texas gets the necessary votes (not sure how, but what the heck do I know).

The LAJ released a handful of articles that haven’t made it to the front page of as of yet (I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon). LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how head coach Kliff Kingsbury is pleased about where the program is headed going into year four. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the transfers that could greatly benefit the team overall, including Kolin Hill, Ondre Pipkins, and Luke Stice. LAJ’s Krista Pirtle writes about the various coaches in the Big 12, from having young guys like Iowa State’s Matt Campbell and Kingsbury, to the elder statesman of college football, Bill Snyder. LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes about the three sophomores who hope to lead the defense into a new era.

Not just saying it, but doing it. Good on the team, Rusty Whitt and Kliff Kingsbury for helping raise over $30,000. As an aside, the tweet is from Nate Boyer, a long-snapper who played for the Longhorns after serving as a Green Berets Special Forces. Two years ago, after losing to UT, Kingsbury tracked Boyer down after the game and thanked him for his service.

Position breakdowns by defensive coordinator David Gibbs and cornerbacks coach Karl Scott.

Miscellaneous . . . Football Study Hall has their predicted win totals for the Big 12 and thinks that the Red Raiders win 4 conference games, which would be good for 7th. Keep in mind that this is math, not opinions, just a formula that spits out probability of win totals . . . Sports on Earth’s Matt Brown ranks all 128 teams and has Texas Tech as the 34th best team . . .

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