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The Morning Stake: November 18th

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Lady Raider Basketball

original-double-t The Lady Raiders played their tails off in this game, going in overtime on the road against a ranked team is maybe a sign of good things to come.

Red Raider Basketball

original-double-t Texas Tech plays Eastern Kentucky tomorrow at noon. We’ll have a preview then.

original-double-t I still don’t know a lot about Josh Webster, but here’s the signing ceremony for you to check out. Very quiet and seems like a good kid. Also, from the LAJ are soem quotes from the video below:

“Coach (Chris) Beard is a great guy and he really believed in me as a guard and as a player and a person,” Webster said. “He likes to win, and I like to win too, and we really want to make it to the (NCAA) tournament. Coach (Steve) Green and our coaching staff has really been on me be about working hard and staying focused.”


original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams writes that three additional players are no longer on the team although two were walk-ons. DE Ivory Jackson, IR Kash Knutson and FB Stanton Keane. Keane is currently a student coach for the football team, so it sounds like he just didn’t want to play and wanted to be on the coaching side of things. Jackson is the obvious loss here especially since he was a West Texas kid. Williams also writes about the attrition overall:

In short, players check out when the program’s going good and they check out when the program’s going bad. That the Red Raiders are 4-6 makes it more glaring for Kingsbury as a public-relations issue. On that front, some transparency would help him. When eight players leave the program or get dismissed during the season, with little explanation, many fans are going to think the worst.

Not saying merely that a player is no longer in the program, but why the player is no longer in the program could tamp down some of the discontent.

And finally, not that Kingsbury doesn’t already know it, but player evaluation and development needs to be more spot on.

original-double-tRRS’s Aaron Dickens recaps the Red Raider Football With Kliff Kingsbury. Nothing ground-breaking, Kingsbury said he wants a bowl bid for Christmas and yeah, that would be fun.

original-double-t Terrific article from MMQB’s Emily Kaplan about the transformation of Kerry Hyder:

Hyder’s ascent is a classic underdog tale of resolute focus and sacrifice. At the conclusion of last season, Lions management told him the team planned on signing multiple defensive linemen in free agency. He read between the lines and began mulling his options; perhaps he would become a gym teacher, or a coach. “I don’t have the luxury a lot of guys have of just waiting around and waiting for something to happen,” Hyder says. “I have a wife and a child to provide for, I needed to get a salary for them, whether it was in the NFL or outside the NFL.”
As a last-ditch attempt to salvage his football career, Hyder accepted the coaches’ invitation to switch to defensive end. He bundled up in sweatsuits and labored through daily one-hour elliptical sessions before normal workouts. He cut out sugar, pork, and fried food and shed 35 pounds, down to 265.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Steven Rodriguez has a look at Texas Tech vs. Iowa State . . . the Gazette has a two minute drill preview of TTU vs. ISU . . . The Courrier writes how ISU is looking to back-to-back victories as the Cyclones beat Kansas last week


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