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The Morning Stake: November 21st

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original-double-t The team is in Cancun for a tournament and Aaron Ross is in the pool in his socks.


original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams writes that Texas Tech sank to a new level of reall bad on Saturday:

Knowing Kingsbury likes to keep some of what he’s dealing with in-house, I wondered if he’d reveal anything we don’t already know about why this team’s not achieving. In other words, “If everyone only knew we were having to work around this problem and that issue … ”

No dice. “I think everybody has issues across the country that you’re dealing with,” he said. “Those aren’t an excuse. To come up here with what we had going on, knowing we had to win the last two and play like that, it’s just not acceptable.”

There are a couple of explanations, neither good. The Red Raiders aren’t getting the most out of what they have, which is on Kingsbury and his staff.

original-double-tLAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes that Kliff Kingsbury’s contract could be saving his job:

“I really don’t harp on that or think about that during the season,” Kingsbury said after the game. “I’ve been thinking about trying to win these two games. That’s it. I think you understand this profession an you understand what college football is about and try to win every game you can.”

Two years ago, I wrote this about Kingbury’s contract extension: “If Hocutt would have waited he could have saved the university some money. If Tech has started 7-0 and jumped into the Top-10 in the country, then you make the move. Right now, it just seems like wasted millions.”

I got hate mail.

I was called out on a local radio station as a “Poindexter.”

But, I was right.

original-double-t LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes that Kingsbury says he can get the program on track:

Most fans I’ve talked to seem to think there is something wrong with the culture at Texas Tech, lately. When asked about it, though, Kingsbury once again used his go-to mantra.

“Yeah. I’m not sure (if there needs to be a change),” he said. “I’ve got to watch the film, see exactly where it all went wrong, but as of right now, my initial feeling is figuring out why — with what was at stake — we showed up and played the way we did.”


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