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Texas Tech beat New Mexico State last night 6-4 to sweep the series with the Aggies (Recap | Box Score). Maybe this was part of the plan, but Texas Tech burned through seven pitchers, no one getting more than two innings. Every pitcher did just fine except for Jose Quezada, who allowed 2 hits and 3 runs in the 4th inning and Jacob Patterson allowed a run in 2 innings, but he did earn the win to move to 5-1 (he also had 5 strikeouts in those 2 innings). John McMillon earned his 5th save of the year.

Tanner Gardner had a triple to right to score John McMillon in the second and then Gardner scored on a throwing error. The 5th inning is where Texas Tech scored the rest of their runs, a Ryan Long triple scored Gardner, a Josh Jung single scored Long. Michael Davis doubled and scored Jung and McMillon (who pitched and batted) singled to score Davis.

Michael Berglund returned from his ailment that kept him out all last week and that’s good news. Gardner returned to the field, but he played right field. It’s a start and I’ll take it.

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I was busy for most of the day yesterday, so I missed everything that happened and just saw the aftermath. In any event, there was a story and a tweet sent out by Texas Tech that said that Texas Tech and Eastern Washington had agreed to play on Sunday, September 3rd and the game would be televised. Well, the EWU athletic director tweeted out that he had not agreed to anything and Texas Tech’s tweet was magically deleted and now the game is officially still on September 2nd. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the whole event, but the reality is that a lot happened, but in the end, nothing happened.

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 MMQB’s Peter King writes about Patrick Mahomes and his gunslinger attitude, similar to Brett Favre. The interesting thing is that King goes to Double-T Varsity Club’s Rodney Allison to get a quarterback breakdown since Allison was a coach at Southern Miss when Favre was there:

“I think quarterbacks need to sit for a while,” Allison said. “And Pat, he’s just raw. He’s been a baseball player. He had that arm slot. He’s got a great arm. Mechanically, I think he struggles with a few things. But it’s fixable, for sure. Coach Payton told me he thought there were things that would be pretty simple to fix in a fairly short period of time. Like, when he goes left on a bootleg, getting his feet under him so he’s more balanced when he throws. That’s just practice. But like Brett, Pat just loves playing. You can see the fun they have. With both guys, it was contagious with their teammates. Arm-strength, Patrick might be better. They’re at least the same.”

Patrick Mahomes did some FOX shows and I can’t bring myself to link to Skip Bayless and whatever else FOX is running out there. Mahomes was on NFL Total Access and I haven’t figured out a way to link to particular videos, but you can watch Patrick Mahomes try to throw faster than David Carr, which he does. Mahomes final throw was 62 mph, which was 2 mph faster than his combine time and then there’s an interview portion where Mahomes discusses getting drafted.


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